Saturday, April 2, 2011

Butterfly cloth and balloon animals

I got the dollhouse rugs finished last night and packed into an envelope ready to mail as soon as I find the address! I am really bad about losing people's addresses. What I need to do is invest in an address book and then not lose it!

I finished the purple butterfly dish cloth and mailed it out this morning.

I'm still working on the balloon animals. I thought it wouldn't take as long to make these but it's taking much longer. It's because I'm double stranding the yarn and it's tight and hard to get over the needles. But I wanted to use red and it wasn't the right type weight for the project. I knew if I used it single stranded that it would be see through and defeat its purpose!

I'm also in between working on the hat order. I am about almost done with it. Just an inch left before I have to decrease. I'm really hoping to have a matching beanie done by Monday. It's possible! :-)

Last night, I had planned to watch some television and play some Internet games but I found a radio station called Healing Stream that plays christian music and found that I enjoyed listening to it more than anything. I knit some, scrubbed the walls, dusted, and cleaned the house. Knit some more. I had a really enjoyable night except that Nick was gone. 

Lately I've gotten away from enjoying life and just being content with my lot in life. I feel that I've really started to find my purpose and do what it is I'm supposed to do. Which makes me happy.

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