Monday, April 25, 2011

Knitting a beret

So, my neighbor's daughter came over the other day and asked if I'd knit her a hat. Not just any hat but a beret. She is needing one for a school project. So, we looked online forever for a pattern and didn't find one that night but later the next day I found one here. I thought it was a sign since the girl's blog I found is named Hannah and the girl I'm knitting a beret for is also Hannah.  lol

So, I got out some scrap yarn and knit one up. It was good but too big, so then I grabbed some more yarn and knit it up a tad smaller by casting on only 72 instead of 84. It was the right size but had more of a point than what was wanted.

Just when I was fixing to give up, I noticed there was another beret pattern with an eyelet design. I had a feeling that the eyelet beret pattern would be more acceptable since it's so elegant looking and I was right. Hannah's mom loved it!

 By then, I had run out of my brown yarn and had some dark grey and burgundy leftover from a school themed beanie hat. So, I knit it up using that, but the only problem was that Ginny wanted it to have more slouches to it. So, rather than have to buy some yarn (since I used up my worsted weight stash) I simply took it out and made it longer.

I intended to only take it out before the decreasing part but I messed it up and had to take it nearly all apart!

I wasn't sure how much longer to make it, so I just based it off of the first beret pattern and made it 5 1/2 inches just to be safe.

When Hannah tried it on, it fit perfect! Now I just need to knit it in the right color, which is black. I took apart the first beret I made and thought I'd make either the eyelet one up or try a new decrease on the first pattern.

Hannah from the blog wrote me a reply after I asked her questions on the decreasing of the beret. I wanted it to be less pointy. I was super happy that she wrote me back so fast and was so very helpful!

After I knit up the black beret, I plan on taking a few pictures of Hannah wearing it (if she lets me!), and then I'll post a picture on my blog. If nothing else I will just show the back view.

Both patterns are so easy to knit and don't take long. It usually takes me about a week to make a hat and I had four berets done in a couple of days.

Some pictures to share:

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