Knitted chicks and more

I made some cute chickens this week. I found this super cute pattern here.  I am making them pretty much the same except for the beak and eyes. I didn't have any fleece and didn't want to use glue to get them to stick so I just sort of "winged" it. I'm not even sure how I did the beak on the first one, but I hope I can remember how for the rest of them. So far, I have five made, but no finishing touches on any but one.

There is an opening at the bottom of the chicken and it holds a plastic Easter egg.

Also, I knit this house shaped cloth.

I learned how to block dish cloths from one of my favorite websites here. I blocked my second blue hummingbird dish cloth that I made.

I can't believe I never thought to block my items before. It makes them look so much nicer!

I'm going to a baby shower next week and as usual have waited until the last minute to think of a gift. When a friend suggested I knit something, (duh! Why didn't I think of that!) I decided on a couple things. I won't say what it is yet in case she's reading this post but I'll post up pictures before I give it away.

All I have to say is this is something that would normally take me a month to do, and I'm attempting to make it in a few days! lol

Until next time!


Noel Wright said…
I've since scrapped the balloon animal idea as I can't figure out how to tie the things. If anyone figures it out, please share!

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