Friday, February 11, 2011

Interchangeable knitting needles

Ever since I met my knitting friends in Kansas, I have been contemplating buying interchangeable knitting needles. I love concept of them. All your needles in one place. Doesn't take up a lot of space. Never having to worry about not having the right size. (now, I know that they don't start at 0) but most of the knitting I do starts in a size 6.

I never got to use the ones that a lady had at the knitting club in Kansas but the idea of it intrigued me. Then, when we moved back to Missouri one of the ladies at the knitting club had a set of Denise needles. She said she'd had them for years and years and loved them.

I gave it some thought awhile back but the $60+  for the Denise set always held me back a little. Not that I didn't think they were worth every penny since I've probably spent close to that and I still lack needles sizes that I want.  I've just never spent that much at once on needles. Now, yarn and other supplies I have but don't get me started! :-)

The other day, I asked this friend if she would bring them to the next knitting meeting and let me try them out for myself. It's funny because before I ever got there, I decided I did not want a pair. And I listed my reasons to Nick. "I hate plastic knitting needles" was my first reasoning. I hate the way they bend and give. My wooden ones don't do that. At least not to the degree as my one set of plastic dpn's that I hate very much. My next thought was "I want to be able to do more than one project at a time." I figured with the interchangeable needles that I would only be able to work on one thing at a time. I certainly couldn't think of how I could use the base part of the needle and use a size 6 and a size 7 at the same time. I can't think of all the reasons I decided not to get a set but there were more. It doesn't matter anymore.

When I got there, she set me up using a size 7 set. While she knitted her project, I realized that it was possible to work on more than one thing at a time. In fact, she had two other projects going at the same time! (which made mine 3) I usually have three projects going at one time.

The moment I started casting on and knitting with this set, I fell in love with them. The knitting was so smooth. I had read reviews about how the yarn did not slide evenly and smoothly as you were knitting. I know what that feels like because that's what happens every time I use my Lantern Moon needles. I spend more time moving the yarn back and forth than I do knitting. Not so with the Denise set. It was like knitting with butter. (I'm sure that seems strange but butter is what I thought of as I knit with these needles.

I've heard others talk about how their project has fallen open (the cables not staying together) but I have no idea how that is possible. You have to twist them into place and hear them snap. So for those that have it come apart on them, I have to say to you, put it in right and you won't have any problems. The lady whose set I used said she has had it come apart on her once or twice in the 20+ years she's owned them.

 So, after telling the lady how much I liked them she told me that a friend of hers had some extra sets for sale. They don't come in the standard Denise case but they were discounted. I just heard back from her today and I am now the happy owner of a Denise set of interchangeable needles. I got the set for.... only $20!!! I am thrilled! I've even seen the cases sell online for $15. So, if I decide to get the case, I can have the whole set for only $35!!


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