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Interchangeable knitting needles

Ever since I met my knitting friends in Kansas, I have been contemplating buying interchangeable knitting needles. I love concept of them. All your needles in one place. Doesn't take up a lot of space. Never having to worry about not having the right size. (now, I know that they don't start at 0) but most of the knitting I do starts in a size 6.

I never got to use the ones that a lady had at the knitting club in Kansas but the idea of it intrigued me. Then, when we moved back to Missouri one of the ladies at the knitting club had a set of Denise needles. She said she'd had them for years and years and loved them.

I gave it some thought awhile back but the $60+  for the Denise set always held me back a little. Not that I didn't think they were worth every penny since I've probably spent close to that and I still lack needles sizes that I want.  I've just never spent that much at once on needles. Now, yarn and other supplies I have but don't get me started! :-)

Turquoise blue hat with fancy fur trim

Several of my knitting friends have made hats like these but this is the first one I've made. The hardest part was sewing up the seam and trying to see where to sew. I definitely want to try making this hat again but using a 16 inch length circular needle. (I think) I thought about using my dpn's but knew with the furry yarn that it was going to be too hard. It was pretty hard using it on the straights anyways.

It's very warm and soft with the fancy fur trim. I'm imagining trying out all kinds of colors and different trim options.

It was definitely fun to make.

Ripple Eyelet Baby hat and booties

I found this pattern the other day for a newborn sized hat. I found plenty of hats for 3-6 months but wanted to find one that would fit a newborn.

I messed up on a lot of it and spent most of the day taking rows out. Seemed like I would never get it done but I did, finally! The pictures show the front and back. I love the yarn. It is plymouth encore. Though I'm not sure what color it's called as it was given to me.

I think it looks different than the pink one pictured on the site. I know it's multi-colored but the design just looks different. I plan to make a solid colored one and then I can compare it better.

I've made more than what is pictured above but already made those out to friends. All the baby booties you see pictured are sized 0-3 months except the multi-colored one on top and it's 6-12 months. I posted the place to buy the pattern on my other post labeled: Best bootie pattern ever!

Right now on my needles, I'm making a size small ear flap hat pattern fo…