Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Favorite baby bootie pattern ever!

A couple of nights ago when I started feeling better, I got on etsy and started looking for a baby bootie pattern. I have found so many free ones but after trying freebie patterns with not the greatest results, I decided it was time to buy a pattern.

And this is what I purchased.

What I appreciated about this etsy seller is that she has been creating knitting patterns for a long time. I wanted a pattern that was tested, tried and true. And that's exactly what I found in her pattern.

I always wanted something easy that did not require a lot of thinking. I was still feeling the effects of my sickness and didn't want something that was complicated. It's hard to know if what you are getting is truly "Easy" but this one was.

When I first saw the pattern, I thought it looked too hard but that's just me. I tend to give up way too quickly. Turns out, I just took out the needles and yarn and started knitting and before I knew it I had half a baby bootie completed.

And I asked her if I needed help, if I could find it. You know sometimes when you buy a pattern you are out there on your own. Too bad if you need help kind of thing.

Not with AbsoluteKnits' shop, she is very helpful! (not that I needed help on the pattern though as it was truly easy!) But she was able to answer other questions that I had.

Something else I appreciated about her patterns is that she gives permission to sell items made using her patterns. That was an extra bonus! She doesn't even ask that you give her credit for it. (which I have no problem doing)

Oh, and if that wasn't all, she also gave me a freebie pattern to try.

And the baby booties I've made so far:

Both the blue ones were mailed out to friends today.

Need some baby booties, just contact me!

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Vintage Precious said...

So sweet! I loved making baby booties for my babies. Vintage mags for knit and crochet also have wonderful patterns too :)

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