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Staying super busy

I decided with all the yarn that was given to me that I would knit hats with most of the yarn.

I used to be addicted to knitting dish cloths, but not anymore. Now it's all about hats!

I knit a hat for my sister to match the scarf that I made her last year. Then, I started a hat for my mom which I finished last week but wanted to show all my knitting friends. I plan to mail it out tomorrow.

If I can remember I'll take a picture of it here before I mail it out.

Then, I started on a hat for Nick. A new pattern that I found here.  I love that the pattern only uses straight needles. Not that I have anything against circulars or dpn's. I just don't have the right size and length yet.

I definitely can't wait to get several circular needles in the 16 inch length and dpn's to match. But until then, I'm busy knitting hats this way.

I was a little concerned about using the ear flap hat pattern because I had never done anything quite like it before. I was so sure I wouldn…