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Crocheted Rag Rug Tutorial

A friend of mine showed me some rugs she had woven with a loom and recycled t-shirts. I loved the idea, but don't have room to use a loom in the camper so I thought I'd crochet one instead. I had originally hoped to knit one but found my hands aching too much after a few rows.

Here's what you need:
Size Q crochet hook
7-10 shirts depending on size. (might need more depending on size)
Pattern of choice or this leaflet. (which is what I used)
A good pair of fabric cutting scissors

First, you need to prepare your material into "yarn". You do this by cutting your shirts into strips. I found several methods for cutting t-shirts and joining the ends. Which I will talk about here. But, do also check out  this method, which makes one continuous strip of material.

You do this by first laying the t-shirt out folded in half like this. If you notice, I've already cut the hem off. I save them in case I might need just a little bit more material. And if I do, I simply cu…

Cables and looms

I was browsing the Internet this morning and came across a dish cloth pattern rated "Easy" that used cables. So I decided one of my things to learn this week is going to be how to use a cable needle in my knitting. I've come across plenty of beautiful patterns that call for them but have always just skipped right past them because of my lack of knowledge with them.

After deciding that I wanted to learn to use a cable needle, my friend loaned me this book. The book explains how to use a cable needle among other things. There are plenty of basic patterns that I hope to try out including a pair of diagonal knit spiral tube socks.

My friend bought the book for her kids to learn to knit but they decided it was too hard to learn.

It's my fault, really. Since I showed them how easy it was to use my hat knitting looms,  they decided they would much rather use the looms than knit!

And they both have made several hats already. Along with a blanket and baby bunting.

I have since lo…

Jalapeno Jelly

My neighbor's garden is coming to an end and today he told me I could pick some of their jalapeno peppers. I took a handful and as I walked back to the camper, I thought to myself, "Now what will I do with them?"

No sooner did my hand touch the door a thought came to me. Jalapeno Jelly!!!! So I went back and gathered a few more and now the peppers patiently sit waiting for me to transform them into a yummy treat.

All year long I have missed eating Habenero Jelly from Burt Craig Farms. Brandi hasn't made any this year so I could not buy any from her.  But the craving was still there. So, I guess my jalapeno jelly will have to do.I just hope my batch of jelly can be half as good as hers!

My favorite way to eat it is to dump a jar on a block of cream cheese and enjoy with Ritz crackers. Yum!


Plantain is my friend. When I'm itchy from a mosquito bite, I rub some of her leaves on my skin and she takes the itch away.

I like to make salve with her leaves. I soak them in olive oil and mix with beeswax. Great for dry skin and chapped lips.

Wasp bites are no bother with plantain around either. The juice from her leaves brings relief.

And she grows all around me. Plentiful.

Thank you plantain.