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Losing my mind

So, I was sitting at the table with my knitting watching a youtube video on continental knitting. I was hoping to see more videos on how to do it so it would stick better in my mind. And while I was sitting there, this ad popped up while the video was playing. I thought to myself, what in the world? I did not click on the ad...

I closed the ad and went back to watching the video when it opened again. Both times in a new window. I thought to myself, perhaps this has a bug in it, and I was already getting the hang of knitting the new way, so I just quit Firefox altogether.

Nick had said he wanted to watch a movie on the laptop and hadn't retrieved it yet, so I asked him what he was doing and he responded, "Just playing on my ipod." Now, if I had been paying attention, I might have noticed that his voice sounded different and strange, but I was consumed with my knitting.

Anyways, I was sitting there knitting when all of a sudden Safari opened up. I remember thinking, that'…

I miss...

I made a few friends in Kansas before we moved back here and I miss them a lot. I miss riding my bicycle all over Independence with my friend Suni. I miss walking all over the downtown with her and enjoying drinks at Anna Mae's. I miss laughing and having a good time at the Farmer's Market and exploring the Arco Building. I miss hanging out at her house and making Kale chips.

I miss talking to my friend Brandi and hanging out at her house drinking hot tea and talking. I miss interacting with her kids and holding her baby. (Though she's quite grown up now)

I miss canning and preserving with my friend Jill and babysitting her daughter. She's long since moved away from the old neighborhood, but I miss her still the same. I miss walking with her and her dogs. I miss taking care of them and bottle feeding the newborn puppies.

I miss the knitting club in Kansas and the friends I made there even if it was only for a short time.

I miss the co-op and helping out at the divide. I mi…

the makings of grape jelly

This afternoon, my friend and I went and picked some grapes to make some grape jelly with. I had just been down to the place a few days before but was in a hurry and didn't have time to pick much. I wish I had! When we went to pick the grapes today, there were hardly any left! It seems some animal must have beat us to it. Perhaps a deer or a flock of birds. The grape clusters were still there but the fruit was missing!

We got them washed and ready to go and took several breaks throughout the afternoon.  We used her awesome Champion Juicer (still want one badly!) to make the grape juice. It was so much simpler than cooking them and hand pressing them through a strainer. We did have to let the juicer cool in between but I didn't mind the break of sitting, resting and watching a movie.

I saw my first Doris Day movie. I had only heard of her from my friend's daughter who loves to watch her movies. I didn't watch the whole movie but what I saw I liked. It was a pretty funny m…

Taco Bell and knitting lessons

We met grandma in Nevada for lunch today at Taco Bell/KFC. I had never gotten the KFC lunch buffet before and was pretty impressed with how yummy it was. I ate too much as usual, so when we all went to Dairy Queen afterwards for dessert, I had to decline. My stomach hurt!

Nick's lucky he has a special compartment in his stomach for dessert. Not me!

I met my friend again today for a lesson in purling. She has learned to knit quite well and was ready to try the next thing. I also taught her how to bind off, but I am afraid I might have confused her on showing her two new things. I meet her again on Monday so I'll have to see what all she remembers.

I like that she just wants to learn to do the stitches and is not particular with keeping any of it on the needles. Once she gets several rows going, she pulls it out and starts over. That's what I did when I learned to knit. It was a long time before I was ready to make a project. I just wanted to do the knit and purl stitches over …

Prayer Shawl

I thought I'd post up a picture of the prayer shawl I'm working on. It's measuring at 17 inches. Only 43 more inches to go.

The yarn may be hard to work with but it's so lovely and soft!

Knitting shawls

This was my second week of visiting the prayer shawl ministry meeting and I am loving it! Everyone is so nice and friendly!

Everyone gathers and knits their shawl and when there is one finished, afterwards we all gather around and pray over it. Pray for the one that will receive it.

I was sent home with some yarn to start my first one. I don't care to use metal needles but went to Walmart and got a pair. My wooden ones were too small and I didn't have enough money to get another pair. The yarn I'm using is Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I find it very difficult to work with but it is so soft and pretty!

I worked on it the day I got home and parts of the next day and then I got so busy with other things that I wasn't able to work on it until the following Tuesday. Now, I am committing to work on it every day and do at least 3 inches if not more. Eight inches is my goal per day. I am having problems with the Homespun yarn bunching up. It really seems to slow me down having to un…

Prayer Shawl Meeting

Tomorrow will be my first time going to the prayer shawl ministry that meets in town. I have been wanting to go for some time now but hadn't been able to for one reason or another. I have missed going to the knitting club that meets on Mondays (twice a month) because it's the same day that Nick works at the college. I haven't had the desire yet to just stay in town the whole time and wait until he gets off of his shift. I did it all last year but lately I have just felt the need to stay close to home.

The prayer shawl ministry meets every Tuesday and the timing couldn't be more perfect. It's during the time Nick drives the school bus.

I'm really excited to meet everyone and see what they do. I also love the idea of making things for other people.

I'll post after I get back from there.

Until next time!

Rose granny square afghan

Many years ago when we lived in Texas, I had a crochet pattern for a rose granny square. You could make several and turn it into a blanket if you wanted to. I absolutely loved the pattern but decided to get rid of it along with the roses I had started. At the time, I did not like to crochet because my hands would ache after just a few stitches. I would have to stop and massage them before starting again. This made completing any project unbearable.

I always figured I could just google the pattern when I needed it. A few years later, I wanted to try making the squares again and got on the internet to search for the pattern. No matter what I typed in the search box, I could not find the pattern! I found several look alikes, but not that exact one that I had fallen in love with so long ago. It would have helped had I remembered the title of the pattern but could not.

Each year, I would look and google the pattern but never had any luck finding it, so I gave up. Then, after learning to kn…

Goal for the weekend

Finish my pink and blue wash cloth set.
Knit a set of fall dish cloths.
Knit a set of holiday dish cloths.

Take better photos of my work. (To do this I really need some poster board, so I will probably have to wait on this one until we go into town on Tuesday)

It must be the week for knitting lessons because I found another person who wanted me to teach her how. She wants to teach her children to knit and had bought this cool book. I had seen an older copy of it at the library but the newer version is so much better!

I found several projects I'd like to try out myself! The way they taught to cast on was different than how I do it, so I showed my friend my method and she liked it better. Before I left, she was casting on by herself and promised to work on it tonight so that tomorrow I could show her how to do the knit stitches.

Both ladies I'm teaching how are left handed but it hasn't been a problem since both hands are used. I suppose there might be a "left-handed" wa…

Bright Pink dish cloths

This week I bought some yarn. Bright pink, bright blue, green, brown and burgundy. I'm hoping to knit some fall colored dish cloths but am having trouble decided which design to do. Yes, you read right, I bought some bright pink and bright blue, not for fall but because I wanted to have a wider variety of colors to show.

One of my problems is that I sometimes will buy cone yarn and then I am stuck offering way too much of one color. Even if it's a different design, it gets boring. At least to me. By the time I'm done using the last bit of that color, I'm so ready to get something else. I have also found it's not that much cheaper to buy it in the cone size. I thought it was but after a few calculations, it isn't. The problem is that some of the colors I want aren't found in the smaller size.

So, I've got some pink dish cloths on one set of needles and trying to decide on which fall theme to do next. I really need to get busy with it. I feel very behind s…