Monday, November 8, 2010

Cables and looms

I was browsing the Internet this morning and came across a dish cloth pattern rated "Easy" that used cables. So I decided one of my things to learn this week is going to be how to use a cable needle in my knitting. I've come across plenty of beautiful patterns that call for them but have always just skipped right past them because of my lack of knowledge with them.

After deciding that I wanted to learn to use a cable needle, my friend loaned me this book. The book explains how to use a cable needle among other things. There are plenty of basic patterns that I hope to try out including a pair of diagonal knit spiral tube socks.

My friend bought the book for her kids to learn to knit but they decided it was too hard to learn.

It's my fault, really. Since I showed them how easy it was to use my hat knitting looms,  they decided they would much rather use the looms than knit!

And they both have made several hats already. Along with a blanket and baby bunting.

I have since loaned my looms out to other friends who also love to use it. One friend made a lovely blanket using the largest loom. She was able to figure out how to wrap the yarn around the loops halfway. Something I have yet to figure out.

Together we learned how to do the knit and purl stitch by watching youtube videos. How I love youtube! The stitch I learned with is the twisted knitting stitch. Once I get my looms back, I hope to make several swatches with the different stitches for comparison.

The friend that loaned me the knitting book loaned me a flower loom she got many years ago. I think it's similar to this one. But it was actually by the brand, Boye. I had a lot of fun making flowers with it and am kicking myself for not snatching the loom up several years ago. There was a time when I saw these looms at every garage sale I went to. But I thought they were dumb (why!?) and paid no attention to them. I suppose for less than $3 I can't be too angry with myself.

I won't be able to post up pictures of my cable swatches until I get my camera fixed but I'll be sure to post right here to tell of my accomplishments!

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