Monday, September 6, 2010

Rose granny square afghan

Many years ago when we lived in Texas, I had a crochet pattern for a rose granny square. You could make several and turn it into a blanket if you wanted to. I absolutely loved the pattern but decided to get rid of it along with the roses I had started. At the time, I did not like to crochet because my hands would ache after just a few stitches. I would have to stop and massage them before starting again. This made completing any project unbearable.

I always figured I could just google the pattern when I needed it. A few years later, I wanted to try making the squares again and got on the internet to search for the pattern. No matter what I typed in the search box, I could not find the pattern! I found several look alikes, but not that exact one that I had fallen in love with so long ago. It would have helped had I remembered the title of the pattern but could not.

Each year, I would look and google the pattern but never had any luck finding it, so I gave up. Then, after learning to knit and switching all my needles over to the Brittany brand. I decided to try one of their crochet hooks. I soon found as I told earlier that I could crochet for hours and not have any hand pain at all! It was great. I had long forgotten about the lost pattern until today.

I received a box of yarn from one of Grandma's friends. In the box were not only colorful balls of yarn, and a few started projects that the lady had started, but in the bottom of the bag, there was the pattern I have been looking for all these years!

Called Rose in Bloom Afghan.

That made my day!!!

The pattern:

Afghan measures approximately 47" by 62"

Red Heart "The Pounder"
4 ply worsted weight yarn, 16 ounce 457 gram skein

Amount: 2 skeins Burgundy CA, 1 skein Hunter CB, 2 skeins cream CC

Crochet hook size I-9

Gauge- motif= 7 1/2" x 7 1/2".

Motif (make 48)
With CA ch 8; join with a sl st to form a ring.
Rnd 1: [Sc in ring, ch5] 8 times; do not join.
Rnd 2: *(Sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) all in next ch-5 sp; rep from *around; do no join-- 8 petals made.
Rnd 3: Holding petals forward, sc in first sc of Rnd 1, ch 4, * sc in next sc of Rnd 1 between the petals, ch 4; rep from *around; do not join.
Rnd 4: * (Sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) all in next ch- 4 lp; rep from *around; do not join.
Rnd 5: Rep Rnd 3, working sc in sc of Rnd 3.
Rnd 6: *(sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc) all in next ch--4 lp; rep from *around, join to first sc. Fasten off.
Rnd 7: With right side facing, attach CB to 3rd (center) dc of any petal of Rnd 6; ch 3, holding back last lp on hook, 2 dc in same st, yo and through all 3 lps on hook-- beg cl made; ch2; holding back last lp on hook, 3 dc in same st, yo and through all 4 lps on hook-- 3 dc cl made; *ch3; working tr cl and dtr cl in the same manner as dc cl, in 3rd dc of next petal work (3-tr cl, ch4, 3 dtr cl, ch 4, 3-tr cl)-- corner group made; ch 3 **, in 3rd dc of next petal work (3 -dc cl, ch2, 3-dc cl); rep from *around, end at **; join to top of beg cl. Fasten off.
Rnd 8: With right side facing, attach CC in dtr cl of any corner group, (ch 3, 2 dc, ch3, 3 dc) all in same st, [3 dc in next sp] 5 times; *(3 dc, ch3, 3 dc) all inr cl;  [ 3 dc in next sp]  5 times; rep from * around; join to top of first ch-3.
Rnd 9: Ch3, work dc in each dc and (3 dc, ch3, 3 dc) in each ch-3 corner sp around; join to top of ch-3. Fasten off.

Finishing: Holding wrong sides together, sew motifs together with CC through back lp only of each dc and each ch in 6 rows of 8 motifs each.

Edging: With right side facing, attach CC in any st, ch 3 and work 1 rnd of dc, working (3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in corner sps as before; join to top of ch-3. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

beg= beginning
CA= color A
CB= color B
CC= color C
ch= chain
cl= cluster
dc= double crochet
dtr= double treble
lp= loop
mm= millimeter
rep= repeat
rnd= round
sc= single crochet
sl st= slip stitch
sp= space
st(s)= stitch(es)
tr= treble crochet
yo= yarn over
*or**= repeat whatever follows the * or **as indicated
[ ] = work directions given in brackets the number of times specified.

Please let me know if you find any errors.

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