Saturday, September 18, 2010

the makings of grape jelly

This afternoon, my friend and I went and picked some grapes to make some grape jelly with. I had just been down to the place a few days before but was in a hurry and didn't have time to pick much. I wish I had! When we went to pick the grapes today, there were hardly any left! It seems some animal must have beat us to it. Perhaps a deer or a flock of birds. The grape clusters were still there but the fruit was missing!

We got them washed and ready to go and took several breaks throughout the afternoon.  We used her awesome Champion Juicer (still want one badly!) to make the grape juice. It was so much simpler than cooking them and hand pressing them through a strainer. We did have to let the juicer cool in between but I didn't mind the break of sitting, resting and watching a movie.

I saw my first Doris Day movie. I had only heard of her from my friend's daughter who loves to watch her movies. I didn't watch the whole movie but what I saw I liked. It was a pretty funny movie that kept me chuckling throughout.

We got the grape juice made and then started the jelly making process. I had no idea how much sugar it took to make one batch, which is usually 8 jelly jars. Almost 4 pounds of sugar! The first batch made 10 jelly jars and the second batch made 9.

It seemed to take forever to get the mixture boiling but after that it went by quickly and soon the jars were coming out of the canner. The sound of plinking could be heard throughout the house.

Spending the afternoon/evening with my friend made me realize how much I missed canning. We did not have a garden this year so there wasn't any produce to put away. Although I did buy a few handfuls of zucchinni from the Farmer's market and made some refrigerator relish with it. That turned out yummy!

It also made me realize how much I have missed having a friend to hang out with.

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