Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knitting shawls

This was my second week of visiting the prayer shawl ministry meeting and I am loving it! Everyone is so nice and friendly!

Everyone gathers and knits their shawl and when there is one finished, afterwards we all gather around and pray over it. Pray for the one that will receive it.

I was sent home with some yarn to start my first one. I don't care to use metal needles but went to Walmart and got a pair. My wooden ones were too small and I didn't have enough money to get another pair. The yarn I'm using is Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I find it very difficult to work with but it is so soft and pretty!

I worked on it the day I got home and parts of the next day and then I got so busy with other things that I wasn't able to work on it until the following Tuesday. Now, I am committing to work on it every day and do at least 3 inches if not more. Eight inches is my goal per day. I am having problems with the Homespun yarn bunching up. It really seems to slow me down having to unbind it every few inches, but other than that I like the yarn.

One of the ladies brought some yarn and a shawl that she had started but did not finish for one reason or another, so now I've got more yarn to use when this one is done. I had started knitting it with size 13 needles, or at least I think that's what size it is, but it seems too loose, so I may have to take it out and start again.

The other yarn is Red Heart Super Saver and such a beautiful variegated color of brown and turquoise.

I will post up some pictures later this week of both the shawls.

The homespun yarn is at 14 inches now. The pattern says to knit until it is 60 inches long. It seems like it will take forever to get to that point but it is coming along nicely.

I am really glad I finally made it to the prayer shawl meetings.

I do miss going to the knitting club and hope to make it the next time around. I miss my friends from there!

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