Sunday, September 19, 2010

I miss...

I made a few friends in Kansas before we moved back here and I miss them a lot. I miss riding my bicycle all over Independence with my friend Suni. I miss walking all over the downtown with her and enjoying drinks at Anna Mae's. I miss laughing and having a good time at the Farmer's Market and exploring the Arco Building. I miss hanging out at her house and making Kale chips.

I miss talking to my friend Brandi and hanging out at her house drinking hot tea and talking. I miss interacting with her kids and holding her baby. (Though she's quite grown up now)

I miss canning and preserving with my friend Jill and babysitting her daughter. She's long since moved away from the old neighborhood, but I miss her still the same. I miss walking with her and her dogs. I miss taking care of them and bottle feeding the newborn puppies.

I miss the knitting club in Kansas and the friends I made there even if it was only for a short time.

I miss the co-op and helping out at the divide. I miss laughing and joking with Dalton while we divided up the food. I even miss being able to order through Frontier! lol

I miss riding my bicycle and staying in shape and our late night trips to Walmart on the bikes.

I miss shopping at Magnolia Health and Home and going to the Farmer's Market.

And yet, while I miss all these things and more, I do love my life here in Missouri. I missed it so much when we moved away. And wished that we could move back. And here we are.

I'm so thankful for the memories I have from Kansas and hope that I can always keep in touch with my friends.

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