Friday, September 3, 2010

Goal for the weekend

Finish my pink and blue wash cloth set.
Knit a set of fall dish cloths.
Knit a set of holiday dish cloths.

Take better photos of my work. (To do this I really need some poster board, so I will probably have to wait on this one until we go into town on Tuesday)

It must be the week for knitting lessons because I found another person who wanted me to teach her how. She wants to teach her children to knit and had bought this cool book. I had seen an older copy of it at the library but the newer version is so much better!

I found several projects I'd like to try out myself! The way they taught to cast on was different than how I do it, so I showed my friend my method and she liked it better. Before I left, she was casting on by herself and promised to work on it tonight so that tomorrow I could show her how to do the knit stitches.

Both ladies I'm teaching how are left handed but it hasn't been a problem since both hands are used. I suppose there might be a "left-handed" way to knit but I don't know how. This way seems to be working just fine.

Yep, it's going to be a busy weekend for me, but I will love every minute of it!

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