Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bright Pink dish cloths

This week I bought some yarn. Bright pink, bright blue, green, brown and burgundy. I'm hoping to knit some fall colored dish cloths but am having trouble decided which design to do. Yes, you read right, I bought some bright pink and bright blue, not for fall but because I wanted to have a wider variety of colors to show.

One of my problems is that I sometimes will buy cone yarn and then I am stuck offering way too much of one color. Even if it's a different design, it gets boring. At least to me. By the time I'm done using the last bit of that color, I'm so ready to get something else. I have also found it's not that much cheaper to buy it in the cone size. I thought it was but after a few calculations, it isn't. The problem is that some of the colors I want aren't found in the smaller size.

So, I've got some pink dish cloths on one set of needles and trying to decide on which fall theme to do next. I really need to get busy with it. I feel very behind since Christmas stuff is already out at the stores!

I did knit a sage green flower dish cloth yesterday at the bus barn and while knitting it, a lady commented on how much she wished she could knit. When I told her I'd teach her how, she was thrilled!

So, we had our first lesson today. It lasted ten minutes, because she was running late, but she figured out really quickly how to cast on. I told her that after learning to cast on, I'd show her how to knit, then purl then bind off. Maybe not even in that order. That is all I learned to do before I was venturing off to try more challenging patterns. I think with the basics in mind and a right attitude you can learn anything!

There is still some things I find challenging like making sweaters for other people. My mom really wants me to make her a sweater. I am just having a hard time finding "the" right pattern. She doesn't live close, so for her to try it on as I go is not an option.

I recently read articles about intarsia and fair isle knitting both of which intrigue me greatly. But I have so much on my plate right now, (so to speak) that I don't know when I'll learn either of those types.

I've been working this week on redoing my pictures for etsy. You'll have to check it out. I've decided that a white background looks better than anything I've done before. I haven't been able to completely re-edit all my pictures but slowly getting it all done. It would sure help if the sun shone a little! I don't care for artificial lighting.

I've been hanging around on the forums on etsy trying to learn all that I can. I've also been learning to let my feelings go when I find someone else on etsy that is selling something of the same pattern for so much less than me.

I've learned that I can't compare my prices to anyone. I have figured my cost of the materials, etsy fees, paypal fees, and time it takes to complete a project and feel I have accurately priced my work. Some might think my prices are too high. Others still insist to me my prices are too low for the work that I make.

I read an article the other day about someone who complained over the high cost of another lady's craft item and the lady explained that she didn't expect them to work for pennies per hour, why should she. It is work to make a dish cloth and just because I enjoy what I do, doesn't make it any less.

Until next time!

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