Friday, August 13, 2010

Color changing and new sudsy sacks

It's late, and I should be in bed, but I wanted to post up some pictures of my creations from this week.

I knit this dish cloth set and had fun learning to mix colors. This has really opened up a new world for me. No more having to use variegated yarns. Unless I want to!

I wanted to try knitting some sudsy sacks since before all I made were crocheted ones. I like the stockinette stitch design but it's hard for me to remember which row I'm on and I find myself ripping out more rows than I do knitting. Plus, I love knitting with double pointed needles and just knitting in the round.

I have no idea how knitting in the round makes it look like a stockinette stitch but it's cool! I also like the idea that when I'm done I don't have to stitch up the sides and bottom of it. I just do the three needle bind off and ta da! I'm done!

I'm looking forward to knitting several of these this weekend.

When I knit this one I thought I'd do away with the drawstring but decided I liked it too much to leave out. The next ones I knit won't have as much draw at the top since I plan on keeping the drawstring in.

Any ideas on colors to make next??

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