Saturday, August 28, 2010

More sudsy sacks and wash cloths

I've been busy knitting. I made two yellow sudsy sacks, a purple and green one, a cream colored one with brown flecks of color, and a pink, green and blue variegated wash cloth.

Right now on my needles is another wash cloth. I'm planning on making one of each design in the Leisure Arts booklet I've got since there are some patterns I've never made before in it. Actually the link is not the one I am using though I do own that booklet as well. I couldn't find the exact link for it.

I plan to knit some hats this week using my knitting loom.  After that I'll be trying to use some light weight yarn for a project yet to be determined.

Here are the sudsy sacks I made.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sudsy sacks with a bar of soap

I've decided to start offering bars of soap with my sudsy sacks. For now, these are purchased through Simply Cleansing. I have a few other friends who also make their own soap and plan to offer theirs as well. This way I can offer variety to my customers.

I wasn't going to offer the crocheted sudsy sacks and planned on replacing them all with my new knitted ones but decided to offer both instead. I like both patterns!

Lately, I've been trying to decide what I want to knit next.  I started this morning on knitting another towel set, but haven't been able to get into it. Perhaps, I'll rip it out and make a dish cloth instead.

I wonder if any of my readers have suggestions on what I should offer next on my etsy shop. I was thinking of making a set of wash cloths and a bar of soap for those that prefer that instead of a sudsy sack.

Until next time!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Color changing and new sudsy sacks

It's late, and I should be in bed, but I wanted to post up some pictures of my creations from this week.

I knit this dish cloth set and had fun learning to mix colors. This has really opened up a new world for me. No more having to use variegated yarns. Unless I want to!

I wanted to try knitting some sudsy sacks since before all I made were crocheted ones. I like the stockinette stitch design but it's hard for me to remember which row I'm on and I find myself ripping out more rows than I do knitting. Plus, I love knitting with double pointed needles and just knitting in the round.

I have no idea how knitting in the round makes it look like a stockinette stitch but it's cool! I also like the idea that when I'm done I don't have to stitch up the sides and bottom of it. I just do the three needle bind off and ta da! I'm done!

I'm looking forward to knitting several of these this weekend.

When I knit this one I thought I'd do away with the drawstring but decided I liked it too much to leave out. The next ones I knit won't have as much draw at the top since I plan on keeping the drawstring in.

Any ideas on colors to make next??

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hanging towel set

Thanks to a friend who gave me the great idea to offer knitted towels and dish cloth sets, I made this one.
Not everyone likes hanging towels though so I also plan to offer just plain knit towels and dish cloths in whatever design you want. I plan to post up more pictures as I get them done. In the meantime, be sure to check out my etsy shop to see what new things I've made.

My next order is a sage colored towel with a heart dish cloth which I'll be happily knitting the next few days.

I'm also working on another pair of socks. I figure by the time I get done with several more pairs, I should be able to knit a sock without having to concentrate too much. Right now, the whole process is still new to me, but soon it will be a normal part of my every day life!

Until next time!

Ipod cozy

I finished making my first Ipod cozy. If I make another one it will be a bit more narrow and a tiny bit taller. I have so many plans for this yarn that I used to make the cozy that I'm not sure how much will be left to make more cozies. I guess it depends on how many orders I get...

I also might use some leftover sock yarn to make a few cozies with.

Here is a picture of the ipod cozy but I have to warn you the picture did not turn out very clear and the color is not the same as what I have. Perhaps I need my hubby to take a better picture for me!

First pair of socks

I finally finished my first pair of socks. I am not counting the first sock I ever knit because I didn't make a set. I really enjoyed using this yarn. It was the first time I have ever used sock yarn like this. The kind that makes a pretty pattern. Sock yarn is surprise yarn to me because I never know what the pattern will look like.  To be quite honest, I thought the socks would look like a zebra!

I've already started making another pair for myself and I have yet to figure out what it will look like exactly. There are shades of brown, green and purple in it. I think it will make an interesting looking pair of socks!

I bought that yarn because I was so sure that the first pair was not going to fit Nick and so this was going to be his pair, but as it turns out the socks fit him great! So, I guess I'll take this second pair. Seems that the purple is more dominant anyways.

Monday, August 2, 2010


There are things in the camper that I sometimes forget to do, or put off because of the task. Like dusting. Or cleaning the toilet!  I used to have tasks that I would do two or three times a week but found that there isn't any reason why I can't do it every day.

So, the other day I made a checklist for myself.

Daily Checklist:
Make bed
Open curtains (yes, I know that seems ridiculous, but the whole place looks so much better when I do- yet often I just don't bother)
Hang up clothes (can you believe I often just shove clothes in the bottom of my closet?)
Gather up knitting and put back in its place. (Yes, I tend to leave my yarn all over the place!)
Pick up bedroom
Do a load of laundry. (one load a day is better than seven at the end of the week)
Clean toilet, tub and sink
Sweep cobwebs in corners
Do dishes
Put away dishes (sometimes I let them drip dry for too long!)
Clean living room
Put away yarn stash
Put away books
Throw away junk mail and recycle magazines
Hang up wash.
Prepare meals. 
Clean and shine sink
Put away thai pillows
Clean windows and mirrors
Vacuum fan blades and a/c filter
Sweep outside carpet area (need a new broom first)
Fold laundry.

I love how I can do all these things daily and it not take me more than an hour. Then I have the rest of the day to do as I please.

Like spend time knitting socks.

I love my small home.

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