Sunday, July 4, 2010

Variegated gray sock yarn

I started knitting a sock last week but messed it up so I had to take it all out. Then for some reason I couldn't figure out how to do it again.

I watched youtube videos one after another and couldn't find one that made any sense. Some talked too low to hear anything. Some shook the camera so it was fuzzy. Some talked too fast. One lady just plain creeped me out!

I read article after article and tried to figure out which pattern to follow from my book. Then I tried to cast on and knit some rows and I just couldn't get it to work. I started to get pretty frustrated, and was about ready to give up when I took a break from it and then tried it again.

Worked fine! I don't know what my problem was. Just needed to clear my head I guess.

I started to make a gauge, but hesitated because when I start out knitting something new and different it is awkward and knit tightly. Then, when I get used to it, it is almost too loose. I knew if I did a gauge it wouldn't be as accurate, but to say that I did one. I did. It came out to 7 stitches per inch, so that is the pattern I am following.

I want to make this pair a low cuff sock but not quite sure how. I guess I'll just have to ask the knitting ladies tomorrow. I just don't know how long to make the cuff before I start in on the heel flap.

I do know that I'm excited to give sock knitting another try. I'm tired of knitting dishcloths for now. I'll still sell them on my etsy shop but ready to branch out to other things. I like that socks are easy to knit. (for the most part) They are portable and don't take up as much space as let's say a blanket. I found a cute pattern for baby socks too, which I plan to try once I use up this sock yarn.

I am very glad I bought brittany needles for my socks. I had wanted to buy Lantern Moon needles. (don't laugh) mainly because of the cute bag they came in! I know, I'm pathetic! But they were also on sale 50% off! The reason I'm glad I bought the brittany's is because they come with a 5 year replacement guarantee.

While I was knitting tonight, I thought I heard a cracking sound but didn't notice anything unusual. Then, later I was knitting and watched as the yarn started to snag. I looked down closely to see that the needle was split all down the middle!! Good thing they came with a spare needle otherwise I'd have to wait until the next one shipped out.

And I suppose I can sew up a cute bag for the needles to go in...

Here is the sock I've started: 

Keep checking back for more pics...

Until next time!

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