Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Never lacking in yarn

I'll never be lacking in yarn again since I've got such nice friends that give me their extra yarn. At the last knitting meeting, two ladies gave me a ton of yarn! One lady bought a whole suitcase worth at a garage sale for only $1!!! Another lady had a huge bag of cone yarn. Mostly sport weight, which I'm told is good for lace projects. Not quite sure what that means yet, but I've been looking on the Internet for patterns to use.  Any ideas?

I did find a pattern in my stash for a lacy looking scarf but not sure if this yarn is the right type. I'm experimenting on it this week. Check back later for pictures.

I plan on sharing most of this bountiful yarn with a couple of friends of mine who like to crochet and knit but who are like me- on a tight budget. I plan to use up what yarn I keep so I don't have a cupboard full of unused yarn.  Isn't that what I'm supposed to do anyways? lol

Knitting scarves is next on my list to do.  A lot of the yarn is fuzzy and I can already imagine it being knit with some encore yarn. Before winter comes, I'll have plenty to give away and keep us warm!

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