Cowl instead

I was right, the hat is way too big. I'm not sure what I did wrong since I used the right sized needle and casted on the right number. The only thing I can think of is that I used the wrong type of yarn. I found a different pattern for using that exact yarn- Lion Brand Homespun and it said to cast on 56 with size 10 needles. The pattern I used said to cast on 78 on size 8. I guess I'll have to get a size 10 after all.

Janet, one of the knitting ladies from the Happy Knitter's group who also happens to own the local yarn store. suggested I make a cowl. What a splendid idea!!

So, that's what I plan to make instead. Perhaps a couple of them since I have plenty of yarn.

And Nick really wants his hat made out of Plymouth Encore yarn anyways. (to match his scarf)

Until next time!


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