Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks, Fly lady!

Well, it's about time. I finally have learned some techniques that have stuck with me all week thanks to fly lady. In the past, I've spent the weekend cleaning up the place only to have it messy the very next day. My biggest problem I think is not putting something away when I'm done with it. And before I know it the place is a wreck! Sure enough, though, when I get done putting everything back where it goes, it's all clean again.

So for the past week I have been very careful with putting things away the minute I am done with them. And the results? A clean home. Always able to find exactly what I'm looking for whenever I need something. Which is usually rare around here! In fact, a few times I searched high and low for an item only to find it in its proper place surprised and forgotten that I put it there in the first place!

So, thank you fly lady! Now, I can spend more time knitting and less time cleaning over the weekend.

Just a few minutes a day keeps the mess away!

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