Thursday, June 17, 2010

Needles and yarn

The needles that I prefer knitting with are Brittany needles. I buy them from the local yarn store. The prices are very reasonable and since I've made the switch from metal to wood, I'll never use metal again! I love the way the wooden needles feel in my hand, not to mention the fact that the yarn doesn't slip off the needles.

I also like the fact that the needles are made in the USA. They are a family company committed to using recyclable materials for their packaging. The needles are made of birch. The best part I love about the needles is that they come with a five year guarantee against flaws and breakage from normal use. For more about this great company go here.

The yarn I've been using for my sudsy sacks and wash cloths/dish cloths is Peaches and Creme. (unless otherwise noted) The peaches and creme yarn is made in the USA. To learn more about the company go here.

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