Sunday, May 30, 2010


 Monday has escaped me. I can't remember what I did, but I know I had something going on. lol

Tuesday, I went and cleaned for my neighbor. Now that summer is here, they aren't going to be needing me anymore. Not on a regular basis anyways.

Wednesday we went to Parsons with grandma to decorate graves. We went to an antique store while we were there and they had tons of cool stuff! They had all my favorite corningware- blue cornflower. I had a nice set at one time but hardly used it and my neighbor's friend lost all his to mother nature so I gave him all mine.  I figured I could always find more again and I was right! I totally have to go back there when we get our house built so I can have room to store it all! They also had my favorite brown glass pots. And a room full of replacement lids for all kinds of things. Some of their prices were high for some things and other things were really cheap.

Thursday was co-op day. It was my first time helping at the divide here, but I was glad that I knew what to expect since I'd done it before in Kansas.  I think the other guy thought I was a wimp to help unload because when I asked him to hand me something down from the truck he handed me a container of yogurt! I'm not that weak! lol I helped unload the truck, divide the goods and helped weigh the dry items. That brought back a flood of memories since that's what I mainly did in Kansas. I miss you Dalton and everyone else from the co-op!

By the time I was done I was so tired! I am really loving though the fact that I can get organic produce for cheaper than I can get the conventional stuff at the store. I got some yummy organic avocados for $.57 each!! They were so good. My only complaint is I wish I gotten more!

So, Nick was finally able to take me to the strawberry farm on Friday. The day before apparently there had a been a lot of people because when I picked I had to hunt for them! It felt like an easter egg hunt. I'm hoping to go back next week when they've had a chance to grow and ripen. The one thing that I noticed when I squatted down to pick was how sore I was from the day before. Not just a little but a lot. If I hadn't wanted those strawberries so bad, I would have marched right back to the car, or called Nick to help carry me back!

My legs literally felt like jello and wouldn't stop shaking!  Ouch!! But I was determined and had about an hour of time to pick so I was able to pick 5 pounds in that time. Not bad since I went down almost a half row before I found some berries. It seemed I just got the bad rows, because the others that were there picking had buckets and buckets of strawberries. The last row I picked from was really loaded but by then it was time to go home. :-(

They have a share program where you get to keep 1/3 of what you pick. That's what I decided to do. I'm really glad they have that deal where you can do that.

Saturday- Nick had to work the evening shift but we spent all day together resting and relaxing. The weather has been simply gorgeous! We were using the air conditioning early in the week but with the new fans we bought we decided it wasn't necessary. There is already a nice breeze that blows through and with the addition of the fans it's almost a little chilly inside. A few times I thought I had to unpack my winter items and grab a sweater! The evenings have been so nice too. I love sleeping in cooler weather so this has been just perfect! I took off the "furry" sheets and are using some cotton ones now. Not that I find the furry ones too hot, because the comfortableness makes up for it, but I thought it was time for a change. Not to mention the fact that they drag the floor like crazy because it's the wrong size.

Oh, I also worked on the siding while Nick was at work. I got a lot done on the side of the house. And I'm glad because I'm ready to see this house get torn down. I'd like to get all the siding removed before July.

Until next time!

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