Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring rolls, chamomile and soap.

I made some fresh spring rolls for my friend who works at the post office. I was so excited when she said she'd try them. I love friends who try new foods. Especially thai food.

Not that the fresh spring rolls I made were Thai but I was just warming her up to trying new and different things before I spring some yellow chicken curry on her. Speaking of fresh spring rolls, this  brand is my favorite. They don't seem to tear as easily which is nice when you're trying to wrap them full of goodies.

I made my favorite peanut sauce and took some wasabi paste up there for her to try. She liked it and I sent some extras home with her so her family could try them.  I really like dipping it in the wasabi paste as well as the peanut sauce.

On my way up to the post office I happened to look down at the road. I was so excited to see the chamomile springing up along cracks in the road. I just hope that some is able to blossom into flowers and I can harvest some this year. Even better to find a source not near the road! I love the smell of chamomile.

Speaking of that time of year, the local strawberry farm is getting ready to open it's doors this week. I'm super excited as I've been drooling over the thought of eating fresh local strawberries. I haven't picked their strawberries since we lived in Missouri last and I just can't wait! The lady that has the strawberry farm also has a great store in town called Interior Motives.

This is the place we've been buying our Zum soap from. We were super excited to find a local store that sells it because we don't get to go to Overland Park very often. We like to hit the Whole Foods store when we visit my sister which hasn't been in awhile.   :-(

We like and use the patchouli soap. It's one of the few soaps I can use without breaking into a rash. I've heard they even carry laundry soap by the same company. Something I want to try really soon!

Another reason I like Zum soap is because it's made in Kansas City, Missouri. I would sure love to take a tour of the place sometime, but they don't offer any!  :-(

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