Sunday, May 2, 2010


The other day I was visiting my neighbor's beagles when I kept hearing this strange sound. I didn't know what it was no matter how hard I looked all over the place. Then on my way back home, I found a stick and tossed it into the pen for the pups. When I threw it, I heard a swooshing sound and saw a bird flying out of the area.

Upon further investigation, I noticed a bird's nest on top of one of the traps hanging from a nail by the pen. I felt bad for the bird. I wouldn't have thrown it had I known! I went inside and got my digital camera out. The nest was too tall to peer inside so I held the camera over it and took a video of it and a few pictures. This is what it showed:

Up until that point, I did not know what type of bird it was, but I guessed a robin. I was right!

The next day after a storm came through, there was a bird's nest on the ground in front of the camper. There was a baby bird with a few feathers on it dead as well.  It looked like it had just hatched. At first I thought it was one of the ones from the nest shown above, but it wasn't.

Well, the next day or so, I was over visiting the puppies and saw the robin fly back to the nest with a worm hanging from her beak. I didn't think much of it but then she saw me and flew off. I tried to peer in the nest and even thought at one point I saw something moving, so I ran back inside and grabbed the camera and took another video shot and a picture. The pictures are kind of fuzzy. I kept thinking the robin might come back and peck me on the head. Plus I was so excited my hands were shaking trying to hold it steady.

At first it looked like there was only one baby bird in there, and one egg, but after taking more pictures I saw that there were three there and one that hadn't hatched yet. I kind of expected it not to hatch, since it was sitting there all alone. I quickly went back in the camper and waited for the mother robin to come back. And what good timing, because it started pouring and lightning a bit. I was glad she was back with her babies keeping them warm.

Once the weather cleared up, she was out again looking for more worms for them. When I made a chirping sound and took another picture, their little beaks came open begging for food!

Later that week, I told the neighbor's kids about the birds. Eli their son wanted to see inside so he grabbed a ladder and peered in. He dashed off to find a worm to feed them. He tried to give it to the babies whole which wasn't working too well when I suggested that maybe the mother robin chews the worm up for them a bit. Not suggesting he do the same! (but rather let the mother robin do her job) The next thing I knew Eli began sawing pieces of the worm in half and promptly fed it to the babies which they gobbled up.

My stomach couldn't handle the sight of the worms being cut into parts so I went home.

But it was neat to see them anyhow. I look forward to watching them grow up. And learn to fly out of the nest.

I was kind of surprised to see how weird they looked just hatched. I guess I thought they would look similar to chickens after they've been hatched. These robin babies were featherless and their eyes were strange looking. I googled just now and found this interesting link.

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