Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rain, rain, Go Away!

I am ready for some nice dry weather for a change. I was hoping to hit the berry patch last week but was so swamped that I haven't even made it over there. The season isn't that long either. And with all the rain that we've had, I can imagine it's one big muddy mess!

This week kept me very busy. I have been busy knitting up dish cloths to put on my etsy site which I hope to launch June 1st. Monday I went with Nick to work and was supposed to go to my knitting group but then got stuck at the library without my knitting bag which was in the car at the bus barn. I ended up not going at all because it was almost 2 o'clock by the time Nick was able to pick me up and some of the ladies leave at that time.

I know I need to get back into driving but I'm just not ready right now. And yes, mom, you were right when you said not to give up driving because now the thought of it scares the crap out of me! It's almost a dream I have when I think I used to drive a car, because I haven't for so long that it seems unreal. I just need to find a brave soul that wants to sit in the same car with me while I practice all over again! Being able to drive myself around town would make life go easier, so that is a goal I have for this year.

Anyways after Nick picked me up we ran a few errands and hung back at the library until 6:30. Nick's boss was retiring and they had a dinner planned for him that we went to then. We stayed a bit then headed home to rest for the evening.

Tuesday, I went to the post office early that morning. I had promised to help my friend there clean the building as she was getting an inspection done. Apparently the lady is really picky and so I cleaned and scrubbed mini blinds for three hours. Then, I went home and cleaned my neighbor's house. In between all that I did several loads of laundry.

By the time Nick got home I was pooped. I had planned to relax by taking a leisurely bike ride, but instead I helped Nick move things out of the yard so he could mow. Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night. I do like going to bed after a good hard day's work so I'm not complaining. And I wasn't hardly sore at all either which surprised me.

Wednesday was supposed to be the B-I-G inspection at the post office. So, I waited until later that morning to get the mail, not planning to stop and visit for an hour like I usually do. Nick's had bus trips all week so far by the way.

When I got there, it was raining lightly so I was really careful not to track any mud in onto the freshly mopped floor. I had no idea the original color of the floors were so light colored! Anyways, my friend had gotten an email that morning (after she came back that night and spent several more hours cleaning everything) that the inspection lady was not coming after all. Aaagh! She's supposed to come sometime in June, so I told my friend I'd come back and help her clean again. That place is like a dust magnet!

So, I ended up staying longer on Wednesday and visiting with her. We ate some salsa the night before and I went back home and brought my friend some chips and salsa to try. It made a ton and we are already sick of it! It was delicious but we ate about 4 bowls! It's a black bean and corn salsa with tomatoes and extremely good! The only thing is that every batch turns out differently based on what ingredients I have on hand!

Wednesday night I dragged out my crochet hook and re-taught myself how to make crochet sudsy sacks. I'm so glad they are back now because they are a joy to make, don't take as long to make than my knitted ones and help me use up all my scrap yarn which I thought I was going to have to toss! Last night I made up 4-5 in less than 45 minutes! With the knitted ones they took me 2 hours EACH! I'm excited to have a huge stash made up before my etsy store opens.

I also have been teaching myself how to change colors in knitting which has been a fun thing to learn. Still learning how to do it as I type.

That catches me up to today which I will write about on Sunday or Monday. Nick will be here soon and I have yet to check out some books.

Until next time!!

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