Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, the other day Nick and I were  out driving to get a bite to eat when a truck drove past us. It was like the kind that you see that hauls animals, commercially. I looked in expecting to see pig snouts looking back at me as sometimes is the case, when my eyes took some time to adjust. In the truck bed were stacks and stacks of chickens. Live ones. They were so tightly packed in that it was hard to see where each one was. There were beaks and feet sticking out all over the place.

It surprised me that the chickens were there in the open for all to see. It was sick!

And where were we headed? We were on our way to Taco Bell/KFC (intending to eat chicken) but after I saw what I did,  I decided not to have chicken after all.

This link shows a picture of what I saw under the title: Catching, Transport and Slaughter. The only difference was the chickens I saw were brown and they were in cages along the length of the truck not the back.

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