Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ballband dish cloth easier than I thought!

So... I've been busy knitting items for my etsy shop and I remembered a pattern I had stashed away that was on the inside label of the yarn I buy. I've seen it numerous times but I never looked at it up close. Well, I did when I first started knitting and it looked so complicated, I never bothered to read the pattern.

So I dug it out yesterday and read through the pattern and was still a bit unsure of some of the abbreviations and terminology. Nevertheless I began knitting it and found it was super EASY! And the abbreviations I wasn't sure about, "YF" and "YB" made me laugh.

All it meant was to move the yarn to the front and to the back. While it is an easy pattern, I have had to take it out three times. It definitely needs my concentration. (so no watching t.v. while trying to knit)

I will post up a picture of it when I get it completed.

Even though my site has no listings, the web addy is:

I'm hoping to have at least 10 listings by June 1st.

Better get busy knitting...

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