Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I saw the cutest thing today. Fern, one of the neighbor's new pups was out romping in their yard. She waddled up to the pen entrance and starting yipping. Nick went to let her in, which was strange because usually they are begging to come out. But before he could let her in, she pushed the gate open and let herself in. She went straight to her water dish and then promptly found her bed and took a nap. It was so cute!

Rouser is also protective of his sister. I was holding him and giving him some scratches when he whined to be let down. When I put him back in his pen, he ran to the barrel they sleep in and peeked in on Fern. Then he plopped down outside the barrel and took a nap.

That reminds me, I miss the sound of beagles hot on the trail of a bunny! And I miss the taste of fried rabbit in the frying pan.

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