Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life is for living

I'm signed up to receive daily quotes from a website about living life fully. Something Nick and I have been talking about. That life is for living.

It sounds so basic and simple but something I have not really given much thought about until recently.!!!

It's not about being in fear, worry, distrust, anger, unrest, unhappiness. It's for simply living.

I started making a list, titled, (can you guess?)  Life is for Living and on this list I write out either things I want to do or things I want to buy for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

Too many times I don't do something because of my wrong mindset. And I think again, to the simple phrase "Life is for living".

Once you get that thought into your head, your whole world changes! If you read it and think, "Yeah, I know, life is for living, but I've got to be practical. What if...?", then you haven't let those words really hit you yet. Because once you do. Once you really let it sink its way deep inside, nothing is the same again!

And that's right where I'm at. Living every day, every moment in the moment. Not worrying about something even five minutes down the road, not playing the "what if" game because that alone can suck life's energy right out of you!

Each day is a gift. Live in it now.

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