Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Then there was light.

The other day after Nick left for work, I went back to sleep but woke up shortly after to check something in the kitchen. I stumbled in the dark leading to the kitchen and reached for the first light I could reach. Imagine my surprise when I realized for the first time that there was a light switch where I had not expected it to be. We've lived in this camper for many months now and it never occured to me to look up. Now, I knew it was there because Nick had emptied the bugs that were in it, but it never hit me until that morning. Not only that, but I've often wished there was a light that shone towards the stove while cooking dinner. Turns out there was this whole time!

I was sitting there all day surprised at myself for not noticing the light, when I looked up and saw another light switch a foot away. Now there were two things in the camper I had not noticed before.

Nick always jokes that I am not observant, but thought he was just kidding! Apparently not!

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