Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Socks and scarves part two

So, my goal to get Nick's scarf done by Thursday is looking very promising. I measured it last night and it is right at 30 inches long. I am knitting it until it is 49 inches and then adding a 3 inch fringe on both sides.

I have not been working on my socks much because I've been so busy working on his scarf. This weather has sure been crazy and I want him to have it by Friday. I'll be sure to post up a picture of it when it's completed.

I absolutely love the yarn I am using for it. Plymouth Yarn. Encore. Dark Grey.  This yarn I'm using is incredibly soft and machine washable. It has some wool for warmth too.

I plan to make Nick a matching hat as well as a scarf and hat for me. I just can't decide on a color for myself. I'm thinking red or blue.

Each month, I want to teach myself a new knitting project. Perhaps next month, I'll learn to make hats, then sweaters...

I have been working some on the socks, and just trying to learn how to work with so many needles. I'm sure I'll be taking all my work on again next week and starting over from scratch, but I don't mind. I'm just in the trying out phase right now.

I had been storing my 100% wool yarn in plastic crates, but learned that is a no-no. So now they are stored in a spare pillowcase. When I moved the yarn into the pillowcases last night, Nick saw the sock yarn I'd gotten to make him some socks. So much for the surprise! But seeing it made me excited for the day when I can present them to him. I also bought some for myself, but I can't wait to get a snazzy color for me too.

The instructor told me for my first pair to make it a light color and a solid one at that. The brand I bought is from Italy and they make such dashing colors! Stripes, bright colors etc...

This weekend, I'm going to hopefully teach myself how to do the heel flap and gusset on the socks, and if all goes well, will have half a sock completed by next week.

Can't wait to post some pictures!

Until next time...

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