Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Socks and hat

I made this hat for my niece Tori using my knitting loom. I had waited too long already not to make the hat I promised by Thanksgiving. Perhaps this year I will make another for this Thanksgiving! This yarn is called eyelash yarn and very hard to work with, but I think the hat turned out cute. I just hope it fits!

I'm not sure why my pictures are all squished together but I can't figure out how to separate them, so I'll just have to make my posts first.

After the hat picture, you'll see where I have started on the socks. I have knit about 5 inches past the ribbed part so far and have only about 3 more inches left to knit before I tackle the heel. Now that I know more of what I am doing, I plan to take it all apart and start again after I go through each step. I also plan to try using only 3 needles instead of 4 as my book recommends.

My instructor uses 4 and that's just how she taught me, but I want to learn both ways. I also found a great sock tutorial online today that I plan to re-read and follow this week. I'm so excited to learn this new project!

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