Friday, February 12, 2010

Sock knitting and scarves

Yesterday I had my first sock knitting lesson. I was quite excited to go. Not only that but I had saved up some money to buy some supplies too. I had to buy some sock needles and I had bought the wrong kind of yarn so I bought some 100% wool yarn for making my first pair. I bought a needle case that holds my unused needles and even found some beautiful yarn that I'm going to use to make Nick a scarf. Well, I bought sock yarn but it's very fine which just means I'll need some tiny needles not much bigger than toothpicks! Maybe a little bigger. For my first pair, the instructor recommended some heavier weight yarn and larger needles.

I'm glad I went that route, because it was quite a trick getting used to using five needles! First, I tried out a short set but found that I liked using the longer ones better so I bought those instead. The brand is Brittany which I have fallen in love with. They are wonderful needles and come with a 5 year replacement guarantee!

Months back I thought I'd need five sets of needles and thought they would cost $60! I just didn't know a thing about knitting socks. These needles cost $7. And they are very nice! My teacher taught me to cast on to all four needles which took getting used to. Then, I started making the ribbing. By the time I just knit the rows, I realized the sock was big enough to fit an elephant! So, she suggested I make a gauge first to determine how many stitches I had per inch.

I was worried that if I took the yarn off the needles that I wouldn't remember how to put it back on. But, my memory guided me great and pretty soon I casted on all four needles. Then, the next tricky part came when I had to do the ribbing.  But so far so good. It looks the same as it did yesterday only it's not quite so big.

I'll post some pictures of it the next time I get online.

I also bought some yarn that I plan to make Nick a scarf with. Yes, I know I already made him one for his birthday but it was a complete flop!

I didn't know much about yarn when I attempted to make Nick a scarf for his birthday in December. I just had some old yarn laying around and decided to double strand it and make a scarf. That was the first thing I did wrong. Then I used the wrong sized needle and pulled the stitches too tight. What resulted was a very scratchy thick scarf that would not fold in half. It felt so coarse like camel hair!

It's  a dark gray and it's very soft. Encore brand. I'm very impressed with it.  It has some wool in it too so it'll be plenty warm. But it's machine washable which is nice.

When I get done with Nick's scarf, I'll go back and get some for myself and make me one. I think a hat would be nice using this yarn as well, but I'm not sure if it's the right type yet.

I want to make a new project each month.  In March, I'd like to make a baby blanket. I have several patterns to try from but I'm totally hooked on only using yarn from the local yarn store so I'll have to see what's available.

Until next time!

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