Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nick's scarf

I finished Nick's scarf a day early. Woo hoo! Here is a picture of him wearing it:

He liked it so much that I may have a hard time taking it from him to show my knitting group. He asked me to make a hat to go with it. So, that's what I'm working on in between the sock project.

I took the sock out that I had been working on and instead of doing 2 inches of ribbing and the rest of the leg stockinette, I'm going to do it all in rib. I like the look better. Though I may decide to change my mind... Who knows?

When I started over, I decided to make it the smallest size which is a children's size just so that I can have more practice with the actual makings of one. Then, when I know how to make socks, I'll be sure to make one in my size. This way it won't take as long either...

I'm hoping to have another sock picture up by Monday so stay tuned!

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