Friday, February 26, 2010

Where are my socks?

I've been so busy making a new scarf for my sister that I have neglected working on my socks. I am hoping to get more done though before Monday as I want the knitting gals to help me with the heel flap. I don't know though how much I will get done this weekend.

The yarn I'm using for my sister's scarf is so beautiful. It's really growing on me. I wasn't sure what I thought of the color at first, because I had it set in my mind of a particular color I was going to buy and they were out of it. The more I knit with it, the more I like it. I may have to snag a few skeins for myself! It is very warm and soft and will keep her warm. I just hope I can finish it before this winter weather is over with!

I'll post up a picture when I get it completed. And maybe my sister will send me a picture of her wearing it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rooster themed Dish Soap covers

I made these for some friends.

Shown on a 14 ounce bottle.

Bierocks (or simply stuffed cabbage buns)

This is one of my favorite meals to make. Most people cringe when I mention the word cabbage buns because they automatically think meatloaf type filling wrapped in cabbage leaves. Nope!

Not even close. Stuffed Cabbage buns are delicious! The filling does have ground beef in it, but also cabbage, cheese, and other yummy things.

You wrap bread dough around the filling and brush with egg to make a shiny crust and bake until done.

The end result is:

They are very filling and Nick and I are usually stuffed after eating just one. I make baked beans and coleslaw to go with it!

I'm drooling just thinking about it!

Ta da!

Here is the hat I knit for my niece. I used my knitting loom my mom gave me to make it since I haven't learn how to knit hats yet.  The last I heard though my sister claimed it! Guess I better make another one!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nick's scarf

I finished Nick's scarf a day early. Woo hoo! Here is a picture of him wearing it:

He liked it so much that I may have a hard time taking it from him to show my knitting group. He asked me to make a hat to go with it. So, that's what I'm working on in between the sock project.

I took the sock out that I had been working on and instead of doing 2 inches of ribbing and the rest of the leg stockinette, I'm going to do it all in rib. I like the look better. Though I may decide to change my mind... Who knows?

When I started over, I decided to make it the smallest size which is a children's size just so that I can have more practice with the actual makings of one. Then, when I know how to make socks, I'll be sure to make one in my size. This way it won't take as long either...

I'm hoping to have another sock picture up by Monday so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Socks and hat

I made this hat for my niece Tori using my knitting loom. I had waited too long already not to make the hat I promised by Thanksgiving. Perhaps this year I will make another for this Thanksgiving! This yarn is called eyelash yarn and very hard to work with, but I think the hat turned out cute. I just hope it fits!

I'm not sure why my pictures are all squished together but I can't figure out how to separate them, so I'll just have to make my posts first.

After the hat picture, you'll see where I have started on the socks. I have knit about 5 inches past the ribbed part so far and have only about 3 more inches left to knit before I tackle the heel. Now that I know more of what I am doing, I plan to take it all apart and start again after I go through each step. I also plan to try using only 3 needles instead of 4 as my book recommends.

My instructor uses 4 and that's just how she taught me, but I want to learn both ways. I also found a great sock tutorial online today that I plan to re-read and follow this week. I'm so excited to learn this new project!

Socks and scarves part two

So, my goal to get Nick's scarf done by Thursday is looking very promising. I measured it last night and it is right at 30 inches long. I am knitting it until it is 49 inches and then adding a 3 inch fringe on both sides.

I have not been working on my socks much because I've been so busy working on his scarf. This weather has sure been crazy and I want him to have it by Friday. I'll be sure to post up a picture of it when it's completed.

I absolutely love the yarn I am using for it. Plymouth Yarn. Encore. Dark Grey.  This yarn I'm using is incredibly soft and machine washable. It has some wool for warmth too.

I plan to make Nick a matching hat as well as a scarf and hat for me. I just can't decide on a color for myself. I'm thinking red or blue.

Each month, I want to teach myself a new knitting project. Perhaps next month, I'll learn to make hats, then sweaters...

I have been working some on the socks, and just trying to learn how to work with so many needles. I'm sure I'll be taking all my work on again next week and starting over from scratch, but I don't mind. I'm just in the trying out phase right now.

I had been storing my 100% wool yarn in plastic crates, but learned that is a no-no. So now they are stored in a spare pillowcase. When I moved the yarn into the pillowcases last night, Nick saw the sock yarn I'd gotten to make him some socks. So much for the surprise! But seeing it made me excited for the day when I can present them to him. I also bought some for myself, but I can't wait to get a snazzy color for me too.

The instructor told me for my first pair to make it a light color and a solid one at that. The brand I bought is from Italy and they make such dashing colors! Stripes, bright colors etc...

This weekend, I'm going to hopefully teach myself how to do the heel flap and gusset on the socks, and if all goes well, will have half a sock completed by next week.

Can't wait to post some pictures!

Until next time...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sock knitting and scarves

Yesterday I had my first sock knitting lesson. I was quite excited to go. Not only that but I had saved up some money to buy some supplies too. I had to buy some sock needles and I had bought the wrong kind of yarn so I bought some 100% wool yarn for making my first pair. I bought a needle case that holds my unused needles and even found some beautiful yarn that I'm going to use to make Nick a scarf. Well, I bought sock yarn but it's very fine which just means I'll need some tiny needles not much bigger than toothpicks! Maybe a little bigger. For my first pair, the instructor recommended some heavier weight yarn and larger needles.

I'm glad I went that route, because it was quite a trick getting used to using five needles! First, I tried out a short set but found that I liked using the longer ones better so I bought those instead. The brand is Brittany which I have fallen in love with. They are wonderful needles and come with a 5 year replacement guarantee!

Months back I thought I'd need five sets of needles and thought they would cost $60! I just didn't know a thing about knitting socks. These needles cost $7. And they are very nice! My teacher taught me to cast on to all four needles which took getting used to. Then, I started making the ribbing. By the time I just knit the rows, I realized the sock was big enough to fit an elephant! So, she suggested I make a gauge first to determine how many stitches I had per inch.

I was worried that if I took the yarn off the needles that I wouldn't remember how to put it back on. But, my memory guided me great and pretty soon I casted on all four needles. Then, the next tricky part came when I had to do the ribbing.  But so far so good. It looks the same as it did yesterday only it's not quite so big.

I'll post some pictures of it the next time I get online.

I also bought some yarn that I plan to make Nick a scarf with. Yes, I know I already made him one for his birthday but it was a complete flop!

I didn't know much about yarn when I attempted to make Nick a scarf for his birthday in December. I just had some old yarn laying around and decided to double strand it and make a scarf. That was the first thing I did wrong. Then I used the wrong sized needle and pulled the stitches too tight. What resulted was a very scratchy thick scarf that would not fold in half. It felt so coarse like camel hair!

It's  a dark gray and it's very soft. Encore brand. I'm very impressed with it.  It has some wool in it too so it'll be plenty warm. But it's machine washable which is nice.

When I get done with Nick's scarf, I'll go back and get some for myself and make me one. I think a hat would be nice using this yarn as well, but I'm not sure if it's the right type yet.

I want to make a new project each month.  In March, I'd like to make a baby blanket. I have several patterns to try from but I'm totally hooked on only using yarn from the local yarn store so I'll have to see what's available.

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Then there was light.

The other day after Nick left for work, I went back to sleep but woke up shortly after to check something in the kitchen. I stumbled in the dark leading to the kitchen and reached for the first light I could reach. Imagine my surprise when I realized for the first time that there was a light switch where I had not expected it to be. We've lived in this camper for many months now and it never occured to me to look up. Now, I knew it was there because Nick had emptied the bugs that were in it, but it never hit me until that morning. Not only that, but I've often wished there was a light that shone towards the stove while cooking dinner. Turns out there was this whole time!

I was sitting there all day surprised at myself for not noticing the light, when I looked up and saw another light switch a foot away. Now there were two things in the camper I had not noticed before.

Nick always jokes that I am not observant, but thought he was just kidding! Apparently not!

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