Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yarn and Hats

I was blessed this week with a large bag of yarn. Most of it was my absolute favorite yarn in the world: Plymouth Encore!

My friend also gave me a super easy knitted hat pattern to try. She wasn't kidding when she said how easy it was.

I took the yarn home Tuesday night and started knitting a hat. Wednesday morning, I called to ask her for some help on the pattern and by mid morning completed my first hat. I have only previously made hats on a round loom.

I didn't have the right sized circular needle so I ended up using a longer one which just means I have a side seam to sew up.

Nick's been waiting for a knitted hat from me for a year now since I knitted him a scarf last year with Plymouth Encore worsted weight, dark grey. So, after looking at the pattern, I decided to use a larger needle hoping that it would fit his head of 24 inches. The pattern said it was for a 20 inch diameter.

I forgot to take into account though that I was using Plymouth's bulky yarn instead of the usual worsted weight, so it turned out quite a bit larger. It still fit him but there was no need to make it that big. It should have stretched. I can only assume with the bulky yarn it was made larger because of the bigger fibers.

He liked it but not the color and also said that he wished it was all ribbed. I knew that these were just practice hats so I didn't mind. Wednesday afternoon I started knitting a pink ribbed hat. I used the right sized needles and it turned out a lot smaller than the first one. But it stretched and even fit Nick's head!

Now, I'm working on another hat with some yarn I had leftover from knitting my sister her hat. It's Plymouth encore worsted weight brown. I'm actually following the pattern this time. I can't wait to see how large it becomes when I'm done.

You can find the yarn online. Another favorite place to find used/new yarn is on Ravelry. Search the yarn at the "yarn" link and then click For trade or sell. You can find some pretty good bargains there! Buy at your own risk though. There are chances to buying online from strangers, but so far I've not had any problems.
I hope to post some pictures soon!

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