Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow, Snow Go away!

So, we've had our share of snow. I'm sick of it! And the sad part is, this is just the beginning. How will I ever manage!!

I've been spending more time in the camper and if I didn't have my knitting hobby I'd have gone crazy long ago!

I'm glad I still love to knit because at one point, I was worried that I had burned out knitting too much. I am kind of getting tired of dishcloths but I don't feel that I'm ready yet to make anything new.

I did buy some sock yarn and I'm excited about the idea of learning to make socks, but I'm not sure if I have the ability to make them yet. It sounds so complicated.

When I joined the knitting club in Kansas not many in the group liked to knit socks. I was opened to the idea of making sweaters, blankets, dishrags and more. It wasn't worth the time and trouble to make socks. But the knitting group here, many of the members knit socks. It's always fun to watch them knit them and see their finished products on their feet. I love the designs the yarn makes too.

So, yes, I'm ready to start branching out. I think.

The weather is supposed to get much colder today and tomorrow with gusty winds. But if the weather forecast is correct next week we'll be having some warm weather indeed! In the 30's! It's going to feel like summer! Yay!

Be sure to keep posted on my other blog to see my knitted creations:
I'll post up pictures from time to time.

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