Sunday, January 31, 2010

Einstein and Jane

The other day I got a ride to my knitting group since Nick was driving the bus. When my ride appeared I walked up to the door and looked down to see a dog named Einstein* curled up in the seat.

I started to reach for the back door handle thinking that was where I needed to be, when Jane* motioned for me to sit up front.

I was hesitant to open the door worried that he might bolt out as our previous dogs were in the habit of doing. To my surprise, he remained calm. Jane told Einstein to be a good boy as I sat in my seat. Remembering him from past visits to Jane's house, I recalled how he liked to protect his territory and bark ferociously. I sat with caution.

However, it had only been a few seconds before he slowly made his way to me sniffing my hand and letting me scratch him behind the ears. By the time we arrived to our destination, he was practically sitting in my lap!

When we got out of the car, Jane told Einstein to be a good boy, take a nap and that she would return shortly. Again, I half expected him to try and get out of the car when we both opened our doors, but he just sat there.

I looked back after we crossed the street and wondered if I'd see his little face peeking out of the window. I did not.

When it was time to go home, I went outside and listened. No whining or barking could be heard. When we approached the car, Jane got called away after I had already opened my door so I decided to go ahead and sit in the car. I wasn't sure how Einstein would react to me sitting alone in his car but he let me pet his head.

Jane herself seemed surprised that Einstein allowed me in the car without so much as a bark. Then he greeted her with a funny sort of noise as he rolled over on her lap and got his belly scratched. He let out the cutest sounding yawn and when he did I realized he really had been a good boy and taken his nap!

I remarked to Jane about how impressed I was that he was a good trustworthy dog. No stuffing appeared to be pulled from the seats, no sun glasses chewed to pieces as our dogs were in the habit of doing.

She said that he was just happy to go along for the car ride.

*Please note that names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals.

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