Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be thankful.

Today (Sunday) is a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I was able to do a nice sized load of laundry which is always nice. I like to do smaller loads every day rather than one giant load a week.

I was grumbling earlier about having to dump out my dishpans after washing dishes since the grey water tank is still not able to drain properly. But then I remembered of the people in Haiti and I remembered to count my blessings.

I set up a water station outside with the hose to fill up our buckets and quite pleased with the results. Now, we just have to turn the water on at the street and not have to go inside the house to crank up the water. Nor do I have to remember to shut the door to the house. I often will forget and realize it's wide open three days later! Oops!

Yesterday was a drizzly day but I spent most of the early morning and afternoon playing card games with my neighbor's kids. They even taught me a couple new ones. The day seemed to go by fast while I was with them. Nick came home and we had lunch together. Then we went to Mcdonald's to check our email. We're both glad that they have free wi-fi now. No purchase of food necessary. Yeah! We ate dinner at almost seven o'clock because of Nick's weird work schedule. I made Nick a stir-fry with noodles and I had a couple fresh spring rolls. I have really been enjoying those lately. I made a peanut tamarind sauce to dip them in. I bought some tamarind pulp and was going to make a juice with it, but enjoy sour things so much, that I just eat some of it on the side or mixed in with the sauce. I sure like that stuff!

Today went a little more slowly because it was Sunday. No running to the post office or playing games with the neighbors. I had a sinus headache this morning, which I found odd, so I went back to sleep after Nick left for work. I did manage to cook some beans in the slow cooker before I went back to sleep. Woke to the smell of the beans cooking. Yum! It made me hungry! Then I got up and washed my dishes, cleaned the camper. I love how it doesn't take as long to clean the whole place as it did in the house! Then, I filled up water jugs outside for the next few days.

We enjoyed beans and rice for a late lunch with cornbread after Nick got home at two o'clock. While Nick napped, I finished hanging up the laundry and made some chapatis. They are so yummy! Then, I joined Nick for a quick nap. I slept so peacefully that I thought it was the next day when I awoke!

We headed over for our usual email checking at Mcdonald's where I am now writing this post.

Well, until next time!

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