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The Grass cutting game

We live in a neighborhood where everyone tries to outdo the other neighbor in who can cut their lawn first, the fastest and the shortest length. Or so it seems. The neighbor to our south thinks he has to cut the grass every other day. Sometimes even every day! And on the days he's not mowing then he's weed eating the yard. Then the neighbors to our north cut theirs making our place look like a jungle. And if the neighbors to the south cut theirs, then the neighbor south of them get out and cut their grass. And so on down the line it goes.

Our once peace and quiet little acre is now a noise factory for lawnmowers and weed eaters! Just when you think you're going to lay down for a nap or settle in and read a good book, think again! There goes Lou dragging out the lawn mower. And it doesn't matter if it's dark outside, he'll still be out there mowing!

The one nice thing I love is that when we go to cut our grass, the only sound you hear is a nice pe…