Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy as a bee

Last week I was very busy. I found some old egg crates the kind of foam you put on a bed and I cut them and squeezed them into the window frames like this:

I also cut some to fit the above windows in the ceiling. They sell similar ones in camping catalogs for $15.

Then I took our old camping pads that we used in the tent and slid them behind the living room curtains like this:

With the curtains in place, you don't notice the blue pads.

I also went into our house and removed all the old doors. I propped them up on the outside of the camper along with the crates I use for recycling. In the cracks, I put empty 2 liter bottles and it has really helped with the heating bills!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garden Designs

Here are some new dishcloth/washcloths I've been working on.

Can you spot the hidden design in the variegated one?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh happy Day!

When we got back from our trip to Kansas, I was going through the mail and happened to pick up the Walmart ad. We got the ads before we left and it never occurred to me to look through them to see what kinds of sales would be happening on Black Friday.

For some time now I've been wanting to get a small crockpot. A 2 quart sized one to be exact. Walmart had one and it was $10. It was exactly what I was wanting except I wanted it to have a warm switch. It only had a high and a low. So, I didn't get it. Then a month or two later the price went up to $12. In Olathe, I noticed that same crockpot was $16. I was so mad that I didn't get it when it was $10.

Well, leafing through the sale ads after our trip, I saw that they had some 2 quart crockpots on sale on Black Friday only for $4!!!! Not only that, but my sister had gotten me a food chopper and it was the same brand as the crockpot. They had the crockpot, food chopper, and hand mixer all for $4 each. It never occured to me to go look at the appliances when we were at Walmart that week. In fact, we went to Walmart several times in one day!

Needless to say, I was quite upset with myself for not checking the ads beforehand. I tried to tell myself that it was over and no point staying upset about it, but you know me... I couldn't let it go. I was so mad!!

We had to go to Walmart today to pick up some groceries and while we were there we looked at some of the christmas items for sale. I told Nick I ought to check to see if by chance they had any of the crockpots left. But I figured there was no way they would have it and it wouldn't be the same price anymore. I saw the aisle they might be on but I was too lazy to go and check. I went and looked once more at the $12 crockpots and thought to myself that I'd just buy that one... knowing I wouldn't be happy with it because it lacked the "warm" switch.

About this time, Nick comes up to me holding a box. Yes! It was the $4 crockpot I had been wanting!!! They were out of red, (which is what I originally wanted) but they had a few white colored ones left. I was sooooo happy!!! I looked at one of the boxes that had been previously opened and it was the exact thing I was wanting. The only thing it didn't have was some recipes in the instruction booklet, or so I thought. When I got in the car, I opened the box to make sure it was all right and found that on the last page were some recipes!!! Quite yummy sounding ones too!!!

Now, I can't wait to start using the crockpot! Yay!!!

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