Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

There is no need to worry about buying presents for people who are hard to shop for and may or may not like your gift. The decorations are simple. It's also the least commercialized holiday. There is no "character" to represent it. It needs no one.

There is no need to run yourself into a frenzy to celebrate this holiday. It is a time to relax and be thankful for what you have. It is the one holiday that brings out the good in one another. It doesn't matter where you are in life, you can be thankful. It is a time to be with family.

The fall season is a time to watch the trees change their colors. And how beautiful are they!

The food is great. Not to mention the yummy desserts. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin and pecan pie. Why is it that you can eat pumpkin pie year round but it never tastes as good except on Thanksgiving day? Fluffy rolls, green bean casserole, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. Mmmmm. And the leftovers! I enjoy eating the leftovers as much as I do on the day of.

It's a time to focus on the good things in our lives. It doesn't matter how bad of a year you might have had, you can always think of something you're grateful for.

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