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I remember...

Memories from childhood. Not in order.

I remember walking through a field with my sister, we would find snails crawling on the blades of grass and place them on our arms and watch them crawl up and down leaving a slimy trail. I remember goats at a zoo that we would feed stalks of grass.

I remember catching bumblebees with jars and being careful not to get stung. I'm not sure what we did with them after we caught them!

I remember playing a game called Airplane (something my sister and I made up, I'm sure!) on our family's black recliner in the living room. And a game called statue where we had to stand really still in awkward positions.

I remember wading in the neighbor's backyard "creek" after it rained. I always wanted the older girls to carry me because I was worried about stepping on worms.

I remember going to Dairy Queen and being sent in to buy kiddie cones. (because I was the smallest? or maybe the cutest?) lol

I remember running down the basement stairs …


It took a while for Nick to find a job at first to put food on the table and a couple new ones after that. But thanks to a friend's recommendation to look into being a school bus driver, Life is great!

Nick subs for the school during the week and in the evenings and weekends he works at Walmart.

When we first moved here, we pitched a tent in the backyard and found out that we liked camping in a tent! We didn't care for all the neighborhood dogs that liked to bark and howl every time a train would go by, but for the most part, we loved living in the tent.

Even listening to the rain pelt down against the sides of the tent was peaceful. I'm surprised at how well the tent worked considered we won it in a drawing and it's not an expensive tent. We bought some camping pads and laid blankets down on top of that for padding. Our yard is not the most level thing either and I found that I preferred a harder sleeping surface over a soft mattress.

Listening to the owls hooting at nig…