Monday, September 21, 2009

I remember...

Memories from childhood. Not in order.

I remember walking through a field with my sister, we would find snails crawling on the blades of grass and place them on our arms and watch them crawl up and down leaving a slimy trail. I remember goats at a zoo that we would feed stalks of grass.

I remember catching bumblebees with jars and being careful not to get stung. I'm not sure what we did with them after we caught them!

I remember playing a game called Airplane (something my sister and I made up, I'm sure!) on our family's black recliner in the living room. And a game called statue where we had to stand really still in awkward positions.

I remember wading in the neighbor's backyard "creek" after it rained. I always wanted the older girls to carry me because I was worried about stepping on worms.

I remember going to Dairy Queen and being sent in to buy kiddie cones. (because I was the smallest? or maybe the cutest?) lol

I remember running down the basement stairs as fast as I could and tumbling across the mattress doing somersaults. I'd pretend I was a great gymnast.

I remember playing with my rabbit Bunnicula and running barefoot in the grass.

I remember teaching doll classes with my sister to the neighborhood children in our basement crawl space. It reminded me of an indoor tree house. There was a ladder that we climbed to get to it.

I remembered a surprise birthday party my parents threw for me. I was so shocked and surprised! That was the year I got my first pound puppy. My sister liked mine so much she got one too and named hers Sniffles because she was sad that she didn't have one.

I remember playing with my Popples and cabbage patch doll.

I remember taking my doll "Tracy" and my sister's doll "Cassandra" on trips and having people ask us if Angel's doll was real.

I remember eating vanilla pudding in a can and sneaking bites to my dad.

I remember making mud pies with my sister and dissecting worms we'd find by overturning the brick lined walkways.

I remember playing hide and seek with my neighbor friends and playing the game "Ghost in the graveyard".

I remember taking our walkie talkies and "talking" to the airplanes that flew by.

I remember lemonade stands and walking to school.

I remember pretending to be a dog in my sister's classroom and feeling embarrassed when her teacher walked in the room.

I remember pretending to be a dog and lapping water from a bowl. I'd throw my cereal on the carpet and eat if off the floor! My mom sewed me various animal outfits and I practically lived in them.

I remember going to the movies with friends and buying the popcorn and snacks afterwards. My sister and I thought that was so strange that we didn't get to enjoy them while we were watching the movie!

I remember asking my sister to correctly answer a Sunday school question for me so I could get a free piece of candy. And she did!

I remember sneaking into the pantry to eat kool-aid powder and trying to deny it with dyed lips.

I remember making vanilla milkshakes in my toy blender.

I remember climbing up on a stool to reach a jar of raspberry candies at my aunt's house in Texas. They were so delicious!

I remember eating biscuits with chocolate gravy and thinking it was weird that I could eat sweets for breakfast.

I remember making gingerbread houses at Christmas time and sneaking pieces of it to eat.

I remember opening up a chocolate advent calendar and eating way too many pieces in a day.

I remember getting chocolate covered cherries for Christmas from my dad. (he enjoyed them year after year)

I remember going to the hospital when I shoved a pea up my nose.

I remember going to see a movie with my dad and sister and going to the pet store afterwards and coming home with a puppy!

I remember running through the woods to check on my sister who I thought was in a tree house during a storm.

I remember going to the Hydro-Tube. (water park at the mall)

I remember road trips and my mom feeding my sister and I beef jerky and sticky rice. We'd pretend we were birds.

I remember Alpine sledding.

I remember re-enacting stories from the Berenstain Bears books in the condo.

I remember tricking April (my cousin) that I could magically disappear into another room. I'd hide under the bed and then sneak out when she wasn't looking into the secret cubbyhole. It worked!

I remember jumping on the trampoline and doing flips and teaching our cousins square dancing lessons.

I remember Emory, their Great Dane. I loved that dog even though her size scared me!

I remember skateboarding with my dad. His skateboard had a skull on it with a worm coming out of the eye.

I remember he took me to a secret place to go skateboarding. It was beautiful!

I remember big HUGE nets that you could climb up and down on.

I remember going to my other Aunt's house for thanksgiving meals and playing with the cousins.

I remember family reunions in the building next to the library in Farmersville.

I remember walking on the railroads looking for squashed turtles and flattening coins when the trains went by. I remember running after the caboose and yelling "WATER!" and having folks throw us little jugs of water.

I remember going to the Dairy Queen for ice cream.

I remember going to the laundry mat with my mom.

I remember showing up at Granny's house and "surprising" her. She always knew we were coming, and often had a pot of beans and cornbread waiting for us.
She'd open up the hide-a-bed and Dad would find a shriveled up dead mouse inside. Her room smelled like the perfume she wore.

I remember going to the senior citizen center with her and playing dominoes and Skip bo.

I remember receiving a grocery sack full of paper thin taffy from the neighbors. I wonder if they still make that stuff to this day?

I remember sewing pillows with April, Leslie and Kristen and going door to door selling them.

I remember a girl got mad at me at school and when she told me she was going to beat me up, Angel showed up and scared her off.

I remember tricking my sister into thinking I used up all the pancake syrup and her "threatening" me that she was going to dump the plate of pancakes on my head. And then she surprised me and did!

I remember going to school with syrup in my hair and having kids laugh at me.

I remember my two pet turtles as big as half dollars. They were always escaping their aquarium and climbing out. When I'd get home from school,
I'd find their rocks piled in a corner and they would be found under my bed in the farthest corner.

I remember when Angel brought me home a box turtle she found. It mysteriously disappeared one day. I found out years later, my mom set it free.

I remember getting a pet hamster and it died. So I got another, and it died. And another, and it died. I decided it wasn't meant to be.

I remember our cat Toby and how crazed he was from all the catnip we gave him when he was a kitten.

I remember our bird, Mr. Rogers and how I was afraid he would peck me.

I remember the stories my mom would tell us of her childhood and how their dog found its way home.

I remember my mom's favorite phrase. "What you sow is what you reap" and how Angel and I made up a song about it. Something about chickens. Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!

I remember learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels and not knowing how to stop I just kept circling around the neighborhood. I remember feeling proud and looking back at my parents and hitting a parked car.

I remember speech therapy and the man asking me to tell him the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears all because I was pronouncing "Chair" as "Share".

I remember sitting cross-legged in a circle on the floor and the teacher teaching us how to meditate.

I remember my sister taking my bike from me and how I hopped on her new ten speed bicycle surprisingly everyone including myself.

I remember my sister and I shuffling our feet on the white carpet and shocking ourselves.

I remember my dad spending time with me teaching me how to draw and paint.

I remember picture day and the promise of a donut at Dunkin donuts if I smiled nice. I remember the photographer trying to get me to smile by saying "Cheese". I'd say the word really fast and quiet and then go back to looking at them like they were the idiots.

I remember my first day of school.

I remember piano lessons at the purple lady's house. Everything in her house was PURPLE! Everything.

I remember tap dancing lessons.

I remember running outside in my wonder woman outfit.

I remember when I asked for a Michael Jackson doll and a transformer car.

I remember getting in trouble at school for talking too much and being told to write a 1,000 word essay typewritten on the computer. I had no idea what an essay was and thought I had to write, "I will not talk in class" 1,000 times by hand. My sister showed me how to save time using the computer and all was well until my dad walked in.

Monday, September 14, 2009


It took a while for Nick to find a job at first to put food on the table and a couple new ones after that. But thanks to a friend's recommendation to look into being a school bus driver, Life is great!

Nick subs for the school during the week and in the evenings and weekends he works at Walmart.

When we first moved here, we pitched a tent in the backyard and found out that we liked camping in a tent! We didn't care for all the neighborhood dogs that liked to bark and howl every time a train would go by, but for the most part, we loved living in the tent.

Even listening to the rain pelt down against the sides of the tent was peaceful. I'm surprised at how well the tent worked considered we won it in a drawing and it's not an expensive tent. We bought some camping pads and laid blankets down on top of that for padding. Our yard is not the most level thing either and I found that I preferred a harder sleeping surface over a soft mattress.

Listening to the owls hooting at night reminded me of sleeping in our slide in camper that we had in Kansas. Looking up to see the moonlight shining in the tent was also nice.

Knowing that we couldn't stay in the tent through winter made us look around for other choices for living. We had thought about getting a cabin. Either building one or buying one pre-made. But my thoughts always turned to a travel trailer or motorhome. My hopes are to take trips this summer in it.

It was quite the yo-yo experience in finding the travel trailer that we did. I won't bore any of you with that story! The thing I like to remember is that God does give us the desires of our heart.

I love the roominess and feel that I have when I'm in it. It reminds me of the first time I was in a camper as a child when I knew that I wanted to live in one.

And so another chapter of our life begins.

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