Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wintry woes

I'm ready for warmer weather. I don't remember it being this cold like this last year. I mean it was cold but not for days at a time. Maybe I'm wrong though. Luna has been enjoying staying inside more. She seems much more cuddly than usual. I think it's because she knows how life could be for her if we didn't allow her inside. She used to never sleep at night when we did and we'd have to kick her out at 2 in the morning, but now she sleeps with us for almost the whole night. She still has her usual sitting on our bladders in the wee morning waiting to be fed. Of course, I have to get up to go the bathroom and might as well feed her while I'm up.

Milo thinks the whole situation is unfair. He has to sleep in a box on the floor. Our bed is just too high for him to climb up anyways. Plus, he can't just sleep. He has to get up several times in the middle of the night and shake off and then burrow right back under the covers. And when he doesn't have me tucking him in at night (I only do it once) he has to moan and make such a racket to try to tuck himself back in. It gets pretty annoying every thirty minutes after midnight!

He used to sleep in our bed when we had our other bed, but like I said, he just doesn't know how to keep still. Up and down, in and out all night long! So, I made him some fleece pajamas. Yes, I know. He is one spoiled pooch! I took an old fleece jacket of mine and with his harness on it creates a sort of belt to hold it all in place. He knows what it means when I put it on him. I mean, he knows it's time for bed and he gets in his little bed which is a box full of cut up blankets. If I don't tuck him in, he'll just sit there and stare at me.

He's gotten the hang of telling me when he has to go to the bathroom too. He used to get up in the middle of the night and go on the floor by one of the doors. Now he just gets up and whines a bit. Usually one of us hears him which is good. I'd like to think he'd bark or something if we slept through his whining. Even though I consider myself able to sleep through most anything, I've got myself trained that as soon as his toenails hit the wood floor, I'm up and listening to see what he's doing. Same goes for Nick. Guess that's why I don't cut his nails that short. And good reason we don't have carpet!

Well, even though it is still cold outside, we're toasty warm in the house. We've got our two favorite reading chairs pulled up close to the woodstove and the animals are sitting near the wood stove nice and toasty too.

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