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Busy as a bee

Last week I was very busy. I found some old egg crates the kind of foam you put on a bed and I cut them and squeezed them into the window frames like this:

I also cut some to fit the above windows in the ceiling. They sell similar ones in camping catalogs for $15.

Then I took our old camping pads that we used in the tent and slid them behind the living room curtains like this:

With the curtains in place, you don't notice the blue pads.

I also went into our house and removed all the old doors. I propped them up on the outside of the camper along with the crates I use for recycling. In the cracks, I put empty 2 liter bottles and it has really helped with the heating bills!

Garden Designs

Here are some new dishcloth/washcloths I've been working on.

Can you spot the hidden design in the variegated one?

Oh happy Day!

When we got back from our trip to Kansas, I was going through the mail and happened to pick up the Walmart ad. We got the ads before we left and it never occurred to me to look through them to see what kinds of sales would be happening on Black Friday.

For some time now I've been wanting to get a small crockpot. A 2 quart sized one to be exact. Walmart had one and it was $10. It was exactly what I was wanting except I wanted it to have a warm switch. It only had a high and a low. So, I didn't get it. Then a month or two later the price went up to $12. In Olathe, I noticed that same crockpot was $16. I was so mad that I didn't get it when it was $10.

Well, leafing through the sale ads after our trip, I saw that they had some 2 quart crockpots on sale on Black Friday only for $4!!!! Not only that, but my sister had gotten me a food chopper and it was the same brand as the crockpot. They had the crockpot, food chopper, and hand mixer all for $4 each. It never occured to me to g…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

There is no need to worry about buying presents for people who are hard to shop for and may or may not like your gift. The decorations are simple. It's also the least commercialized holiday. There is no "character" to represent it. It needs no one.

There is no need to run yourself into a frenzy to celebrate this holiday. It is a time to relax and be thankful for what you have. It is the one holiday that brings out the good in one another. It doesn't matter where you are in life, you can be thankful. It is a time to be with family.

The fall season is a time to watch the trees change their colors. And how beautiful are they!

The food is great. Not to mention the yummy desserts. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin and pecan pie. Why is it that you can eat pumpkin pie year round but it never tastes as good except on Thanksgiving day? Fluffy rolls, green bean casserole, stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy. Mmmmm. A…


Has it been that long since I last posted? I can't believe it's almost the end of November already. Time just keeps flying by!

Got settled in the camper and I must say I really love living in the camper. At times I forget I'm not in a regular house because the camper is so roomy. Other times, I feel like I live in a tree house, though that's not a bad thing. It's just our bedroom is elevated and I can look down at the ground. I like the feeling it gives. My favorite place to sit is in the bedroom with the windows/curtains open on both sides and a nice sunbeam coming in.

It used to take me a very long time to settle my mind down and go to sleep. So much, that I swore I would not use the bed for reading or knitting so that I would associate it with sleeping time only. I have not had that problem for years though and as soon as I lay my head down to sleep, I'm out. In fact, Nick often forgets how easily I fall asleep now and will often wake me up within 10 minutes o…

Knitted Treasures

For more photos go here:

Why should I try?

I'm the kind of person that if it looks too hard to do, I don't even bother trying. So, when I went looking for knitting patterns to make soap sacks, I steered clear of any that looked difficult. I thought I'd try my hand at crocheting some until I remembered why I hate crocheting. I tend to pull the yarn too tight and then my hand gets all sore and stiff and aches. I tried making soap sacks out of various crochet patterns, but no matter what each one I made turned out very different than the next. (even though I followed the same pattern) It was quite frustrating!

So, last night, I looked through various knitted soap sack patterns again and thought I'd try my hand at trying to figure at least one of them out. I figured if nothing else my knitting friends from the knitting club could help me if I got stuck. I started at 7:30 p.m. and started knitting. By 9:50 I was done! Well, almost. All I need to do now is sew the ends together and add the drawstring part. The hardest…

I remember...

Memories from childhood. Not in order.

I remember walking through a field with my sister, we would find snails crawling on the blades of grass and place them on our arms and watch them crawl up and down leaving a slimy trail. I remember goats at a zoo that we would feed stalks of grass.

I remember catching bumblebees with jars and being careful not to get stung. I'm not sure what we did with them after we caught them!

I remember playing a game called Airplane (something my sister and I made up, I'm sure!) on our family's black recliner in the living room. And a game called statue where we had to stand really still in awkward positions.

I remember wading in the neighbor's backyard "creek" after it rained. I always wanted the older girls to carry me because I was worried about stepping on worms.

I remember going to Dairy Queen and being sent in to buy kiddie cones. (because I was the smallest? or maybe the cutest?) lol

I remember running down the basement stairs …


It took a while for Nick to find a job at first to put food on the table and a couple new ones after that. But thanks to a friend's recommendation to look into being a school bus driver, Life is great!

Nick subs for the school during the week and in the evenings and weekends he works at Walmart.

When we first moved here, we pitched a tent in the backyard and found out that we liked camping in a tent! We didn't care for all the neighborhood dogs that liked to bark and howl every time a train would go by, but for the most part, we loved living in the tent.

Even listening to the rain pelt down against the sides of the tent was peaceful. I'm surprised at how well the tent worked considered we won it in a drawing and it's not an expensive tent. We bought some camping pads and laid blankets down on top of that for padding. Our yard is not the most level thing either and I found that I preferred a harder sleeping surface over a soft mattress.

Listening to the owls hooting at nig…

Thank you card


Easter Cards


The Grass cutting game

We live in a neighborhood where everyone tries to outdo the other neighbor in who can cut their lawn first, the fastest and the shortest length. Or so it seems. The neighbor to our south thinks he has to cut the grass every other day. Sometimes even every day! And on the days he's not mowing then he's weed eating the yard. Then the neighbors to our north cut theirs making our place look like a jungle. And if the neighbors to the south cut theirs, then the neighbor south of them get out and cut their grass. And so on down the line it goes.

Our once peace and quiet little acre is now a noise factory for lawnmowers and weed eaters! Just when you think you're going to lay down for a nap or settle in and read a good book, think again! There goes Lou dragging out the lawn mower. And it doesn't matter if it's dark outside, he'll still be out there mowing!

The one nice thing I love is that when we go to cut our grass, the only sound you hear is a nice pe…

Candy bouquet



We enjoy eating granola for breakfast. I make it in small batches in my toaster oven and it lasts a few days. We like this recipe because it's easy to make.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

For a half batch (the size I make), melt 1/4 cup butter plus one Tablespoon with 1/4 cup honey in saucepan on low, stir so it doesn't burn. Add 1/4 cup flax seed, 1/3 cup raisins, and a handful of nuts, if you prefer, and stir well to coat all ingredients. I bake it in a glass pan that looks like a miniature 9X13 pan that fits in my toaster oven. I dump 2 cups of oats in that pan and pour the wet ingredients on top of that to save myself from dirtying another pan. Give it a few stirs to mix everything together and bake for 10 minutes. Take it out, stir it together, and bake an additional 5 minutes. Let cool, and stir it occasionally, otherwise, you'll have that granola stuck in the pan! When it's cool and dry, I store it in a canning jar.

Wintry woes

I'm ready for warmer weather. I don't remember it being this cold like this last year. I mean it was cold but not for days at a time. Maybe I'm wrong though. Luna has been enjoying staying inside more. She seems much more cuddly than usual. I think it's because she knows how life could be for her if we didn't allow her inside. She used to never sleep at night when we did and we'd have to kick her out at 2 in the morning, but now she sleeps with us for almost the whole night. She still has her usual sitting on our bladders in the wee morning waiting to be fed. Of course, I have to get up to go the bathroom and might as well feed her while I'm up.

Milo thinks the whole situation is unfair. He has to sleep in a box on the floor. Our bed is just too high for him to climb up anyways. Plus, he can't just sleep. He has to get up several times in the middle of the night and shake off and then burrow right back under the covers. And when he doesn't have me t…