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Time Management

I have known for quite some time that I need to manage my time more efficiently. When I get up in the morning and see Nick off to work-I try to get busy with my usual daily checklists. I even had to make myself a "Morning Routine" and an "Evening Routine" to help myself along so I don't get too distracted. And even then this does not always help.

I'll start to make the bed and remember that I've got to go get water boiled for dishes, so then I'll leave the bed half made and boil water and I'll see that I didn't clear the table from the night before so I'll start to clear it off and then Milo will be sitting at the door wanting to go out and when I come back in I'll find that I forgot to plug in the burner that heats our water and the bed is not made and it's lunch time... get the picture? This pretty much happens in some way or another to me every day.

I find it a day worth accomplished when I get the following things done: dres…

The Impossible Dream

From time to time, I will post notes I took at church.

Date: April 6, 2008
Title: The Impossible Dream
Passage: Jeremiah 32:17,20; 33:2-3

-God delights...
in doing impossible things through improbable people.
-God must be the source...
of your dreams.
-God invites...
you to dream impossible dreams that only He can fulfill.

Sanctified Dreaming

-Ordinary people allowing God to do the extraordinary...
-Explore the possibilities.
Great dreams are birthed when we believe that...
-God is able.
There is nothing too difficult for God.
-God is desirous
1 Corinthians 2:9
-God has promised
Psalm 37:4
-God invites us
John 14:12-14

What are the conditions?
-Abide in Him
John 15
-Hearts in His
-Minds on His kingdom

We dream little dreams. Why?

Fellowship with Him must be genuine.
Ask in His name and for his glory.

Begin to dream BIG dreams.

to be continued...