Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the wall of jericho

I heard a message the other day about Paul and Silas in prison. The main focus was about how they praised God in the tough times and that is where God delivers us, when we praise him. It was a good message. The walls of Jericho were mentioned in the sermon as a side note and not much was spoken about it, but something did catch my attention. The guy mentioned that the walls of Jericho did not crumble down, but that they seemed to have fallen straight down. I always pictured the walls crumbling down all around the city and then the people going in, which doesn't make sense. How could they get past all that rubble? Actually, the verse in the bible says the walls fell down flat. I did some searching on google and found this:

Excavations show these walls of Jericho today to be fallen; yet largely intact. Neither the Outer or inner walls show much signs of transverse fracture. Some brick damage, particularly on the inner walls, is noticeable, but no more than would be expected from normal subsidence, & wear through the years. In the few places where the inner face of the walls has been uncovered, the greatest damage is between the walls & on the slopes outside the walls. The archaeological evidence indicates the walls to have sunken downward & outward without breaking up. This movement would have dumped the houses off the walls, destroying them in the process, with the houses on the inner 12 ft. wall lodging as debris between the walls. The debris is there today.

I thought it was pretty cool.

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