Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the wall of jericho

I heard a message the other day about Paul and Silas in prison. The main focus was about how they praised God in the tough times and that is where God delivers us, when we praise him. It was a good message. The walls of Jericho were mentioned in the sermon as a side note and not much was spoken about it, but something did catch my attention. The guy mentioned that the walls of Jericho did not crumble down, but that they seemed to have fallen straight down. I always pictured the walls crumbling down all around the city and then the people going in, which doesn't make sense. How could they get past all that rubble? Actually, the verse in the bible says the walls fell down flat. I did some searching on google and found this:

Excavations show these walls of Jericho today to be fallen; yet largely intact. Neither the Outer or inner walls show much signs of transverse fracture. Some brick damage, particularly on the inner walls, is noticeable, but no more than would be expected from normal subsidence, & wear through the years. In the few places where the inner face of the walls has been uncovered, the greatest damage is between the walls & on the slopes outside the walls. The archaeological evidence indicates the walls to have sunken downward & outward without breaking up. This movement would have dumped the houses off the walls, destroying them in the process, with the houses on the inner 12 ft. wall lodging as debris between the walls. The debris is there today.

I thought it was pretty cool.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A cat, a dog and one less mouse!

I had quite the experience yesterday involving a cat, a dog and a mouse! I was going to wash some dishes in the utility room where I wash my dishes. I heard a noise and thought I saw something move in the sink. It's one of those plastic white utility sinks. I had some suspicions that we had mice, but dismissed the idea because we do have an indoor cat and thought she was doing her job. WRONG!

A few weeks ago, I had some tomatoes on the counter and counted them before I went to bed. I had 16 of them. When I woke up the next day I counted 15 and saw one lone tomato sitting on the other side of the counter. At first I thought that Luna had rolled it over there. But, when I picked it up, I noticed it had two bites taken out of it. And another time I heard a noise in the kitchen and saw something scurry really fast to this hole. Well, I took some fur from Luna and stuck it into the hole (reading once that the smell of a cat will make mice flee) and hadn't heard or seen a mouse since.

Back to the sink story. I saw and heard something move in the sink. I grabbed the hose, (that is the faucet) and started spraying and sure enough a mouse starts running around. I never knew that mice could jump so high. It was jumping a foot high trying to get out of the sink! I grabbed the cat and tried to show her the mouse. She got scared and scratched me all up! So, I grabbed the next best thing, Milo! He is really good about if you yell "BUG!" he comes running and either grabs the bug or paws it to death. So, when he heard me scream (when I first saw the mouse!) he was ready to attack. I picked him up and showed him the mouse. He saw it right away and wanted down, only because he thought he could reach it from the ground.

It, the mouse, kept jumping trying to get out. I didn't know what to do. So I sprayed and sprayed it until it was almost drowned, a soggy mouse. Then, I grabbed a pot we use to heat up bath water, and it jumped right in. I filled it with more water and walked around trying to figure out what to do with it. I showed it to Luna three more times and each time she ran in terror! She is a cat!! She is supposed to want to chase mice! Not luna! she loves fish and fish only. If it doesn't smell like fish, she's not interested. I should have sprinkled it with fish sauce and she would have probably pounced on it. Do you think it was because she had just eaten?

Well, I took the jumping mouse and pot outside and Milo followed. I was afraid it would run away, but it was so wet and soggy the poor mouse didn't know what to think! I showed Milo the mouse and I immediately had his attention. I was going to dump the mouse out but Milo reached in the pot, and this pot is cone shaped by the way. It's an old steamer pot we don't use anymore. Anyways, Milo sticks his head in the pot and grabs the mouse. I don't think he realized that it was still alive or what it was, because after he had a hold of it, (And picture this, I'm leaning over watching him) he flips the mouse and it goes flying and hits me on the FOREHEAD! So, of course, I start screaming again and the mouse runs into the grass. I look around to find Luna and she is running as fast as she can to the shop. I am looking into the grass hoping the mouse doesn't get away because I really wanted to teach Luna about mice. So, there I was peering down digging around trying to find it and milo is all over the place trying to find it too. He finds it and picks it up. It must have moved and into the air it goes again, hitting me for the second time on the FOREHEAD! Gross!!!! I finally see luna hiding in the shop so I called milo to come with me, so he doesn't eat it! And I go to get luna. She is hiding from me, (I'm sure it's because I was screaming. Then I notice milo is sneaking back to the mouse, which is half dead. I shout at milo to stay still which makes luna hide further in the shop and finally get her to come out and I put her near the mouse, half alive and she turns and runs again!

By this time, Milo has for sure killed the thing and is now growling at it and trying to figure out what in the world it is. You could tell he liked it and wanted to make it his new best friend, which he does by rolling on things. I swept it up and presented it one last time to luna. She looked at it and ran away, further this time. I don't know what's wrong with her. I thought all cats liked mice!

Milo found it again and I finally had to dispose of it, so that Milo would just leave it alone. i don't know if he wanted to eat it or what, but he looked all day for it and whined at the door convinced it was still out there somewhere.

I was so proud of Milo that I went and bought him a stuffed toy last night at Walgreens. It was a stuffed bunny that squeaked. I say "was" because he pulled all the stuffing out of it and the squeaker and now totes it all over the house using it for a pillow and chew toy.

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